Mr. Gatti's

  • 3514 Clinton Parkway Lawrence, KS
  • 785-838-9900
  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Though kids yearn for Mr. Gatti's as if it were the pearly gates of heaven, it can be hell on earth for parents. (Kids love to go there for birthday parties, and the little ones invariably go home teary-eyed because they couldn't possibly win enough tokens playing the video games to trade for that awesome stuffed doggie or the radio-controlled ninja throwing star -- those cost roughly a gajillion tokens. Instead they had to settle for a paper airplane, a toothpick, and two erasers. And the erasers don't even taste good.)
The pizza tastes better, though, and when the buffet is in effect, you can rock your appetite for minimal fundage.