Pachamama's Catering

  • 800 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044
  • 785-841-0990
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


In late 2005, Pachamama's opened their downtown Lawrence restraurant for regular business hours. This location now operates as a catering and private party facility at its Alton Ballroom.


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Floyd The Barber

Every Sunday
7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Free Music

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ksfish 14 years, 9 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Okay, I wrote a unflattering portrait of this joint in my last post, but as I wrote previously, I did try it again this spring and it was great. Amazing appetizers and fair pricing relative to the menu selections. I had the red snapper (which I'll always order if available) and it was delicious. We were also served free deserts because of our "long" wait for our food. Although we didn't find our wait to be that long, we took the free desert anyway!
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happymob 14 years, 10 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Best food in Lawrence. And I can't say I've had better in Kansas City either. It's pricey, but worth the occasional visit.

Helene 14 years, 11 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Pachamamas is the absolute best in fine dining here in Lawrence. The food has consistently been fabulous, in my experience, and the service - top notch. The only drawbacks are probably that they tend to put too many tables too close together and as a result, you're almost sitting on top of the next table or unable to hear yourself think. It is an expensive restaurant (relative to Lawrence) coz they have real chefs prepare really good food with really good (and thus expensive) ingredients. However, if I go, I make sure I go on Tuesday when they have no corkage fee so I can save on the wine.

doggie 14 years, 11 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Pachamamas would be a cool place for lunch because they have that stone patio but the food isn't all that great. In other words, I'd take my grandmother there, but not my parents. The servers are nice but maybe someone could get up on a ladder and finish the celing during some down time.

ksfish 15 years, 1 month ago on Pachamama's Catering

I must have eaten here on a night when the chefs had all called in and the dishwashers were asked to fill in. The atmosphere is great, which helps the Lawrence aristocrats feel like they're in a "big" City. The menu is very ambitous although ultimately falling short of tasting great. I don't mind paying these prices as long as the food and chefs reach their potential. My girlfriend and I will give it a second chance this spring in hopes of an improvement.

Chala Roberts-Fife 15 years, 1 month ago on Pachamama's Catering

Amazing food and excellent service. Although the high price makes this restaurant a once or twice a year treat for special occasions, I will definitely return.

critic 15 years, 2 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Pachamama's is the best restaurant in Lawrence, and its fine reputation extends far outside of this metropolitan area. In fact a few years ago, Pachamama's was the talk of the town in St. Louis, when the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper reported that Pachamama's was about to open a second restaurant, to be located in Chesterfield in West St. Louis County. But when the owner of this restaurant sold it to the chef, the plan for a second Pachamama's ended. That was bad news for St. Louis, but good news for Lawrence. With the restaurant now being chef owned, there is less risk that we shall lose the chef to another city.

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gontek 15 years, 11 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

I go here about once a year, to remind myself that a restaurant doesn't have to be just a restaurant. There is no other eating experience in Lawrence like this. These are real chefs, like on the food channel, focusing on culinary arts, they are always challenging themselves to cook up new cuisines with the perfect wine and desert. Located on Alvamar Golf Course, it is a country club dining experience avaliable to the general public that would cost over $100 a plate in any major city.

Patriot 16 years ago on Pachamama's Catering

My wife found a bug in her salad, the "chef" gave us a line of crap about how they were just cut this morning...cut but not cleaned...give me a break. I don't need a round-about excuse, I need an "I'm sorry and is there anything I can do?" The service was great though - thanks to William for saving our experience! Probably won't go back and plan on telling people about it...

Kyle Rohde 16 years, 6 months ago on Pachamama's Catering

Nope, its not cheap, if you compare it to Applebee's or some normal restaurant in Lawrence. Compare it to one of KC's finer restaurants and its a value. Where else can you get entrees like wild board, grouper, ostrich, and quail in Lawrence. Those entrees come with delighfully innovative sauces and side dishes. The menu changes monthly, there's no getting tired of it. Everything just tastes better there; I've never had spinach anywhere else and enjoyed it. Its worth the money, try it once and you'll agree.

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