It all begins bright and early each morning. Instead of serving breakfast, we’re making homemade bread dough from scratch. We’re hand-slicing onions. We’re shredding lettuce for our salads. We’re stirring up big pots of homemade chili or fresh ground beef filling for Runza® Sandwiches. It’s a labor-intensive process that doesn’t let up until long after closing time. We know there are easier ways to do all this. But our commitment to doing things the right way is as real as our food. And that’s not something we’re ever going to change.


MayorMcCheese 18 years, 10 months ago on Runza

Don't be hesitant to give Runza a try. The Runza Sandwich, despite what the ingredients may make you think, is TASTY!!!! The burgers are some of the best in Lawrence. And what else can one say about Frings? Yum.

One warning: the milk shakes are made from custard. Approach with caution -- it's tasty, but it may give you a belly ache from its richness.

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