Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

  • 4931 W. Sixth St. Lawrence, KS 66049
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rbowman819 15 years, 4 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Even though the chips and salsa were good, the meals were probably the worst Mexican food we've ever eaten. We had the Chimichanga Rio Grande and Enchilada Del Mar. Way too cheesy and salty for us.

The painted murals on the wall were really neat though.

Drea 15 years, 8 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

This is one of the worst places I have ever been. The food is awful and tastes like it came from a can. Hawker44 obviously either works for or owns the Salty Iguana based on his/her comments. I guess you wouldn't need to be so defensive if the food and/or service were acceptable.

I'd be worried if I worked there (or owned the place) - it's total garbage. The whole place is disgustingly dirty, the food is not edible and the service is non-existant. How much does it cost to serve real cheese anyway? Obviously it costs a lot since this place can only afford to serve a canned 'cheese product'. Stay away.....

dodson 16 years, 7 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Enchiladas were FABULOUS once again. Also what makes this American tex-mex style of food so great is that it ISN'T GREASY like the other resturuants in town. The chicken tacos are STUFFED with white meat. One time the manager walked by my table and saw the Smokin Nachos just delivered were not up to her standards and WHALAAH WITHOUT ASKING I received a second order (I was fine with the first order I received) AND MY ENTIRE BILL WAS COMPED. What I read with some of the comments on this site are RIDICULOUS.

Hawker44 16 years, 7 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Hey Mayor McCheesey the menu description of smokin' nachos and you'll see it's not served on chips. Instead, it's served on cut up corn tortillas...which would make sense why you "only got 12"...and, it's an appetizer-not made to be large portion.

Hawker44 16 years, 7 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

There are very few places in Lawrence, if any, where you get great food and great service. Salty Iguana is a place where the food is good and the service is better. Like any job, customers will be unsatisfied, but Salty Iguana does what it takes to make sure customers are satisfied when/if it's brought to their attention. Their management staff is great at making a "not-so-good" meal or situation better. P.S. I have not had one pencil-like enchilada...I LOVE THEM!

jamesdavis 17 years ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

If you like to be stuck in a corner at a dirty table eating stale chips which the waitresses TOUCH with their hands (GROSS!) and tomato paste for salsa and have no sense of taste/smell then this is the place for you. Stray away from their "chicken tacos" because they are as bland as tuna from a can. WARNING! Wear protective eye gear when entering. Caution the walls may BLIND YOU! they play horrible music for mexican restaurant... since when did the Backstreet Boys constitue "gringo-style" music. My quesadilla was floating on the plate in grease and i could see all the fingerprints from the people who touched my food before it arrived at my dirty table. So, enjoy what you can for free. Recommendation: NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! Theres a coupon out there on

tallsandy 17 years ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I love the Salty Iguana. They have the best chicken taco's in town and on Monday's they are cheap. My husband and I go 1-2 times a week and always just sit in the bar. The service is wonderful there in the bar and so fast. We have lived in Lawrence for 25 years and this is one of our favorite places in town.

chacha 17 years ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I really like the food at here. The black beans are a very nice alternative to the refried beans in every other restaurant. The taco's are big and filling and different tasting with the blue corn. I recommend this restaurant.

smerdyakov 17 years, 1 month ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I'm not sure what any of you haters are talking about 'worst for in Lawrence' ... I'm about as unforgiving as they come when I pay for bad food or bad service, but in no way does Salty Iguana qualify for either of these tags. Granted its food is not as good as Ixtapa's authentic dishes, but it's better than El Mezcal's blandish middle-of-the-road offerings. And my service experience (half a dozen occassions) has been nothing short of cordial and helpful...again much better than the wildly popular El Mezcal, where these days the waiters hardly acknowledge your presence unless your a sorority girl with big whoo-ha's. The place has a good, energetic sports-bar-ish vibe, and the food's not bargain basement but it could hardly be called expensive. There are several restaurants in Lawrence that you could (justifiably) aim your wrath at, but this is simply not one of them.

KN44 17 years, 2 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I have been here approx. 8-10 times. . . and it keeps getting progressively worse. The last two times, the service has been absolutely horrible (no refills on water, chips, rude server who disappears for 20-30 minutes at a time, etc). The food came out cold the last time (causing the plastic cheese to create a disgusting, far from edible film) and it was absolutely awful. I would not recommend salty iguana to anyone (the obnoxious decor is enough to make you lose your appetite as well).

linux_chick 17 years, 2 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

This is the worst restaurant experience in Lawrence.

I've been twice: The first time, my boyfriend and I were completely ignored after being seated and given chips with salsa (no water). 20 minutes later, no waitress nothing. We approached the hostess about this who didn't seem to recognize us but said okay and went into the back. 10 minutes later, our chip bowl was empty and we were thirsty, so we left. To say that the service was terrible would be the understatement of the year.

The second time, it took us about 15 minutes to get a waitress after being seated. The food was alright, but we didn't see her the rest of the night.

They didn't seem busy either time. I'm not sure how this place stays open, but I can think of a better use for the space... a parking lot

MCwzMC 17 years, 3 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

If you like your food covered in plasticy velveta cheese and food so overpriced and tasteless it will make you cringe, then this is the place for you. Not only that, but the atmosphere is cheezy as hell too. I guess the key is- cheesy. Everything about this place is cheesy. This is the WORST MEXICAN FOOD IN TOWN in my opinion.

hodgie 17 years, 6 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

This place is BY FAR the worst restaurant in town. Mayor McCheese is correct. The enchiladas ARE the size of pencil and tasteless. That vegetarian entree that was spoken of above is 3 pencil sized enchiladas with some rice and beans for $8.00!!! I really don't know how this place is still is business.

As for heynow's comment about outstanding Mexican in town, I disagree. All of the following are excellent Mexican/South American restaurants: La Familia, La Parilla, El Mezcal, Ixtapa, and La Tropicana.

heynow 17 years, 6 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

very disappointing lawrence doesn't have any outstanding mexican or tex-mex but this sure is one of the worst

MayorMcCheese 18 years, 3 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Do not EVER get "Smokin' Nachos." We literally got twelve chips, a few nuggets of chicken, and some cheese for $7.00. And that was the "large" order! The enchilada that came with my dinner was the size of a pencil. Seriously.

I would recommend this place to no one, although I will admit the chips and salsa were pretty tasty and the waitress was sweet. Just don't expect to get your money's worth -- and I am far from a tightwad.

PB 18 years, 6 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

This is by far the best mexican restaurant in Lawrence. The chicken tacos are the best. Big, not greasy. Black beans are a nice change from the refried beans. Be sure to order the sauce hot. If you don't they automatically bring mild(and its very mild).

jh03 18 years, 9 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

The food was pretty good and there was definately a lot of it. The margarita's were very strong. Everyone in my party thought they were bording on too strong. It is a fun restaurant and the decor is really unique.

bbieker 18 years, 11 months ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I am an employee at this Salty Iguana and I know for a fact that we offer outside seating, and we have multiple items that are vegetarian friendly including the #4, 'Save the Iguanas' dish which is 3 spinich and cheese enchiladas, beans and rice.

Ksmall7 19 years, 1 month ago on Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Food isn't authentic - it's mediocre. But they serve great margaritas in a convenient pitcher size.

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