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Every Saturday
10 p.m. Free Music

Poker Pub

Every Wednesday
6 p.m. Free Activities

Poker Pub

Every Wednesday
8 p.m. Free Activities

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c_doc77 16 years, 3 months ago on Set'em Up Jacks

Half price burgers on Mondays! You can't beat it. The Shock & Awe burger is awesome, despite its obviously Neo-Con same. Its got a habanero/jalapeno sauce with pepperjack cheese on a kaiser role. And I'm talkin' a big, fat burger, dawg.

wyly10 19 years, 3 months ago on Set'em Up Jacks

Go here on Mondays, they have half price burgers. They have the best burgers in town, even better than Molly McGee's.

mack 19 years, 6 months ago on Set'em Up Jacks

I went here on 12/13/03 looking for captain morgan specials, instead I found 2.50 import/microbrew bottles.

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