Shenago Lounge

  • 1520 Wakarusa Drive Lawrence, KS 66049
  • 785-841-4330


The name has been pronounced several different ways, but the official word from Brad is : Sha'-nuh-go, with "a" like Shannon and the emphasis on the first syllable. It's from Shenango, type of white china. It's a small place with loyal patrons and serious pool players.

MOST POPULAR DRINKS: Beer! Pounders (16 ounce beers) at $3 and pitchers at $4

BARTENDER'S FAVORITE: Hot Damn (cinnamon flavored Schnapps)

Absolut Mandrin vodka and Seven-Up, and chilled shots of Absolut Mandrin

(by volume) $4 pitchers all the time

MUSIC: The jukebox is heavy on the country ("She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" played three times in two hours) and balanced with classic soul and funk. A little Sinatra rounds it out.

DIVERSIONS: Two pool tables, standard bar-top video trivia and for those who really want to waste some money they've got a glass "Treasure Chest" filled with stuffed animals that no one can retrieve with the grasping metal claw.


dickens808 12 years, 8 months ago on Shenago Lounge

The Shenango Lounge is not closed...they just moved to 1520 Wakarusa Dr. Lawrence, KS 66044. They are newer and better than ever. If you can't find them call (785) 841-4330... Brad's still there and will tell you how to find the place.

hpnp 14 years, 7 months ago on Shenago Lounge

hey this is lindsy cletes granddaughter i am just saying high to all the cool people haha hey hey hey

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