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hanitobassi 9 years, 6 months ago on Signs of Life

Staff is less than friendly. Drink selection is limited compared to better shops like Prima Tazza. I ordered a new tea that I had not tried before. I didn't like the flavor and came back to the counter to get another tea. Usually a good shop will offer to refill the drink and give you another tea bag free of charge(at a cost of 15 cents). At Signs of Life they happily took my $2 and some change for a second try at their poor tea selection. Decor is new but environment is stuffy and unwelcoming. Also, why must every other table wobble 30 degrees. Coffee shop owners really need to get their acts together. Every simple and annoying customer service issue is overlooked.

Samer Adra 12 years, 1 month ago on Signs of Life

vibe and service aren't accurately expressed on a 1-10 scale. i've never actually been inside the cafe part, but the gallery is actually fairly good (this coming from a guy who C'd his way though freshman art survey in high school. the books...i'm all about the books, unfortunately. i have to empty out my wallet before i go there so i don't find myself picking up every book on the shelves. i'm ridiculously conservative (independent fundamental baptist..putting the fun in fundamentalist), so of course i have some qualms with several book selections since i'm so rigid in my doctrine, but it's still a very good place to pick up some excellent reading material and meet some ridiculously nice people. THEY HAVE SMOOTHIES?!?! dude...maybe i should just move into Signs of Life. i'm giving them a 9 because they have smoothies. i'm going to try their smoothies. this is ridiculous. i hope they have strawberry or something fruity and berrylicious (or is it berrilicious?) like that. [/rant]

jholboro 12 years, 7 months ago on Signs of Life

Lawrence has become a hot spot for coffee houses. But in this relatively new coffee/book/music/art shop, you will find some of the best coffee in Lawrence. In addition to great tasting coffee, the baristas are among the nicest I've met. It's easy to relax, read, and listen to music all in the same place. There are tables to do homework on, couches to lounge, and stools at the coffee bar to perch and watch the barista work. Signs of Life is easily my favorite hang-out in Lawrence.

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