Southern Cuisine

  • 1008 Mass. St. Lawrence, KS 66044
  • 785-331-2500
  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


If you're looking for no nonsense, rib-sticking vittles in the Dixie vein-a vein that's deep fried and coursing with meats-then Southern Cuisine will float your steamboat. Occupying roomy digs on the 1000 block of Mass. St, the restaurant is unpretentious in its modest decor and seat-yourself service. Pleasant delta jazz mingles in the air with the equally pleasant aroma of fried catfish. The menu is straight ahead with standards such as fried chicken and short ribs, most of which come with two sides ranging from fried okra to red beans and rice. It's not likely you'll be able to eat a full meal for less than $10, especially if you get the highly recommended peach cobbler for desert.

Sundays buffet only.


KUcounselor 10 years ago on Southern Cuisine

At Southern Cuisine on June 18, 2008, we waited for 40 minutes for our meal to be served, after complaining about the wait 3 times to the waitress. People on 1 hour lunch breaks should not go there! Additionally, the food was WAY overpriced and poor quality. I agree with the posting from June 9 - if you want better "southern" style food in Lawrence, go to Midwest Fish Fry, where you will wait about 15-20 minutes, get a HUGE portion of fresh food, and be treated well by the staff. It's a tiny place, at 19th & Haskell, but FAR SUPERIOR to Southern Cuisine. There's a lot of competition in Lawrence, and Southern Cuisine will not last long. We will never go back.

smittenkitten 10 years ago on Southern Cuisine

Wow! Southern Cuisine could possibly be the WORST restaurant in Lawrence! For $25, we got warm beer, enough food to feed a preschooler, no service and an overall horrible experience. The waitress forgot all the extras we asked for and did not return to even ask how the meal was until we were done. The portions are small and very over-priced. I think Midwest Fish Fry should move into the Southern Cuisine location and show downtown what real down south DELICIOUS cooking is all about! If you are thinking about trying Southern Cuisine, DON'T! Check out Midwest Fish Fry at 19th and Haskell instead!!! You'll thank me later!

ajayhawk79 10 years, 2 months ago on Southern Cuisine

My co-workers and I went today for lunch. There was one server for the whole restaurant. Our drinks (diet soda and mediocre tea) were served in glasses that tasted like soap. The menu had very few options. We waited an hour and a half (yes, 90 minutes) for our food. Others in the place had to wait just as long. I had mac and cheese (small portion, tasted like it was reheated from the freezer section of the grocery store), fried okra (ok), and hush puppies (ok); this disappointing meal cost $12. My friend had fried chicken (ok), coleslaw (horrible, small serving), and rice--again, $12. My other friend had baked chicken (flavorless and stringy), coleslaw, and potato salad (ok, very small serving)--$12. When we complained to the owner about our wait time, he explained that they only had one fryer for the chicken--that's it. Needless to day, we will not be going back again.

wstrnksgirl 10 years, 2 months ago on Southern Cuisine

...and my other half reminded me there was no bread on the table or with the meal, unless you only wanted corn muffins that were an extra charge.

wstrnksgirl 10 years, 3 months ago on Southern Cuisine

Food was cold; gravy wasn't "home made"; fried okra was one huge overfried ball, too crunchy to even try to eat; and the service was a joke, so I'm sure the young thing figured the tip was a joke too! Sure wasn't anything close to what my granny from Kentucky used to cook.

daudley 10 years, 4 months ago on Southern Cuisine

The fried chicken was crisp and delicious, the greens had great flavor also. The mashed potatoes were instant, so that was kind of a downer, but the atmosphere was really laid back and casual, overall, it was a great experience.

basil 10 years, 4 months ago on Southern Cuisine

They are working out the glitches. Most of these have to do with staff. But the basic food is great. Prices could use some tweaking, especially for side dishes. And I agree that the caatfish should be served with something like lemon or tartar sauce or even vinegar. Same with greens. The fried chicken is great! Another vote for breakfast, please! Chef Terry, get back in the breakfast game!

Xwards 10 years, 5 months ago on Southern Cuisine

The catfish and fried chicken were good. However, there were some tartar sauce or lemon were served with the fish. We had greens for a side dish but no vinegar was present on the table. The waitress then gave us packets of white vinegar. A more polished presentation would have been nice. The decor is nice and the side dishes are overpriced for the amount of food in them.

sudlow 10 years, 5 months ago on Southern Cuisine

Worst restaurant experience of my life.

we had 4 different waitors, the menus each had different prices, the soda was all flat, 3 of the 6 things on the menu werent even available. The beans were obviously old & the spareribs smelled like locker room. Overpriced & horrible.

revshackleford 10 years, 6 months ago on Southern Cuisine

Awesome food,mediocre service(hey,what do you expect,Miss Nancy has a hand in this)--this is the best home cooking in Lawrence, right up there with Vermont St. BBQ. Chef Terry has resumed his rightful place as the Down Home Iron Chef of Lawrence. The catfish and fried chicken are fantastic, as is the pulled pork, meatloaf, okra, mashed potatoes... If only they had breakfast; in case you never at at Drake's back in the day, Chef Terry makes the best home fries in the known universe and his pancakes ain't too shabby.

Chuck Wehner 10 years, 6 months ago on Southern Cuisine

Bad service, bad food and high prices. The catfish flavor was not that good and there was no sauce offered with it. The mac and cheese was dry and cold.

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