Stone Creek

  • 3801 W. Sixth Lawrence, KS 66049
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Formerly Stone Canyon Pizza Co., Stone Creek now serves steaks and chops in addition to pizzas and pastas. The restaurant's interior is cozy in a plush cabin sort of way, and the service is likewise warm and friendly. A huge dining deck outside makes Stone Creek one of town's best options for eating out during springtime and summer evenings.


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Key West Jazz Quartet

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6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Free Music

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sing4me 10 years, 10 months ago on Stone Creek

The food at Stone Creek was okay, but it was not worth the money. I had a $20 steak that was limited in taste. It tasted like it was only seasoned with pepper. When I asked for A1 so I could choke it down, my waiter criticized me! The potatoes and green beans were fine, but the steak could have used some more attention. The wait staff could have used some more attention as well. I overheard another waiter telling his table that sat down at 8:00 that they were going to try and close around 9:30. As you can see, they close at 11:00 on Saturday nights. . . Do yourself a favor, and go to another place instead.

badczech 12 years, 1 month ago on Stone Creek

Love this place, and the food is terrific. Friendly waitstaff who are attentive without hovering. Paintings by Deb Clemente (owner) complement the funky-but-not-weird decor. Try the chicken-pesto pizza!

monisu411 14 years ago on Stone Creek

Boring menu. Pasta or pizza. That's it. Brought family there when they were visiting from out-of-town and was embarrassed. Stingy, too. Ordered a crab dip appetizer and didn't have enough enough chips to eat 1/4 of it.

auchtuleba 15 years, 3 months ago on Stone Creek

Had lunch 6/28/05. The food was actually pretty good, but I've never had service so poor. I should have taken a clue from the fact that there wasn't anyone else there for lunch.

doggie 15 years, 5 months ago on Stone Creek

They made it look nicer in 2004 but the food still isn't any good.

firecracker 16 years, 3 months ago on Stone Creek

Had a wonderful dinner at Stone Creek, entertaining my girlfriend and her parents from out of town. The server was very friendly, helpful, and attentive. The food was great, and you couldn't beat the patio that night. Highly recommended.

craig 16 years, 9 months ago on Stone Creek

Just went there for lunch last week, we had the sauteed mushroom appetizer and it was exquisite, the wine sauce surrounding these tasty little buds was wonderful. Then came Lunch an wow! We shared everything because everything was so fantastic. The chefs are true culinary artists and I love the freshness of the food...The setting is real laid back Lawrence style too, gotta check this place out, whether for casual lunch or takin the lady out to impress. Stone Creek Rocks!

justnew 16 years, 9 months ago on Stone Creek

I've been here three times and been consistently pleased with the quality of the food - and I've ordered different items from the menus each time. The service is wonderful and friendly and the decor is top knotch. I asked the waitress the last time I was there about the interior design and she told me that one of the owners was/is an architect - you can tell. It's beautifully appointed both inside and out. Lately, I'm recommending this place to anyone who'll listen. Plus, Lawrence people listen up, it's locally owned!!! Let's support this kind of establishment and keep it here.

Tonya 16 years, 10 months ago on Stone Creek

I will use the best form of English possible to describe so you can understand me. This is a superb restaurant to dine at. Fine dining experience with excellent service and delicious food. I do not have anything bad to say about Stone Creek. I would readily encourage folks to go and enjoy one of the finest restaurants in Lawrence, Ks.

Kelly Powell 17 years, 1 month ago on Stone Creek

After the buyout from the hutt from parkville, they have been going out of their way to become a local friendly place...By this I mean they try to buy a lot of local produce, theylost the "were from kc so we know what were talking about" attitude, and they are giving chef dave room to start expanding peoples pallates in this otherwise ranchero chicken finger mentality that this used to be educated town has slipped into.

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