Thai Siam

  • 601 S. Kasold Drive Lawrence, KS 66049
  • (6th and Kasold shopping center, near Westlake Hardware)
  • 785-331-2525
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pea 12 years ago on Thai Siam

The calmari was tougher than chewing an old boot. Poor service. Dingy place.

toddhowett 10 years, 8 months ago on Thai Siam

I went there for lunch today. We thought it might be quick since no one was in there, but it ended up taking longer than we had. I walked over to the counter so I could get the food in to go boxes so we could take it with us. The owner yelled at me to sit down. When I told him we had to go and that we needed to go boxes he yelled more, and then spent the next 5 minutes mocking us to other customers in line. Not only was it the worst service I can remember, but the food was pretty meh.

pea 12 years ago on Thai Siam

The calmari was tougher than chewing an old boot. Poor service. Dingy place.

prep6905 12 years, 4 months ago on Thai Siam

I love this place ! My name is Lee and I worked here for over 2 yrs. The owners if you work here treat you like family, and they give you free food every night you get off work. They also did a lot of things for me, that I'll never forget and I really appreciate. Everything Thai/Chinese is good here if you eat anywhere else in Lawrence your a fool. If you want to waste your money try Thai House,Noodles & Company, Zen Zero. I've been to all of them and Thai Siam is cheaper everything is fresh cooked right in front of you and way better.

Jon Jambor 12 years, 7 months ago on Thai Siam

I make it a point to eat here once a week. The owners went back home to visit their family (first time in 10 years) for a whole month; I was in misery. I told the owner that if he teaches me to cook, I could cover for him next time he goes back home.

ajeprog 12 years, 10 months ago on Thai Siam

I've been in Lawrence for six years.

Thai Siam is the best Thai in town, and their prices are competitive with the cheapest Thai in town.

It's a family owned and operated restaurant in a converted Subway. Everything is cooked to order, and their kitchen is right in front of you, so be prepared to wait on busy days. If it's not so busy, expect your food within 20 minutes.

Don't like to wait that long? Appetizers are usually fast. Try the Crab Rangoon. It is awesome.

Don't know what to get off the bafflingly large menu? There are menus with explanation next to the silverware. But you should stick to the Pad Thai, the fried rice, or the curry. My favorite is the pineapple chicken fried rice, but the pineapple chicken curry is also very nice.

chingerlol 13 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

Thai Siem in Lawrence has horrible horrible horrible service! DO NOT GO THERE!! My friend and I went there to have lunch today. We were both not that hungry, so we decided to split a pad thai. The cook/owner clearly knew that we were splitting as we only ordered one pad thai. (I think us splitting actually pissed him off) He then brought over the pad thai and I asked for an extra plate. He walked back to the kitchen and brought over a foam plate and looked at me sounded angry and told me I needed to tell him earlier that we need an extra plate so that he didn't need to walk back to the kitchen (which is only like 4 feet away) again and brought over that one foam plate. I mean that place was not even busy. I just told him, I thought it was obvious that we are splitting. He just walked away as I was talking and didn't even listen. I'm more than happy to pick up the plate myself if you are incapable of walking 4 more feet. You just need to be a real man and ask me to go over and pick it up, no problem. I mean, if he uses his head a little more, he could have just taken an extra plate with him and he wouldn't even need to walk that oh-so-far 4 freaking feet! I read the other review and seems like Mr. A-hole is always in a bad mood no matter what. I will take the other person's advice and try Thai House instead. It's not worth it to have your day ruined when it's someone else's problem. I will definitely never go to that place again. Thai House is going to thank his rudeness for bring them extra business.

berry 13 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

The BEST restaurant in Lawrence by far! The food is great, the price is reasonable and the people are extremely inviting. The only people who will complain about the service are those who cannot be understandably patient. This restaurant does not claim to be fast food, do not expect 5 minute wait times. I have been eating here for 4 years without any problems with service or quality of food. If you are looking for authentic Thai food this is the place, recommended dishes are: Tofu Pad Thai, Green Curry Tofu (or any curry). You have to try the tofu!! Before Thai Siam I didn't like tofu.

SirReal 13 years, 2 months ago on Thai Siam

Some of the rudest owners of any restaurant in Lawrence. I have eaten there twice and both times the male owner was extremely rude. One time he refused to hand me a to-go box and blew up at me. Why pay restaurant prices for food that sucks, service that sucks, and to eat in a phone-boothed sized place? What's funny is that on there are reviews there that say the same thing- that the owners are some of the rudest in Lawrence (one review even said the same thing, the owner refused to hand over a to-go box and blew up at him). Don't waste your money on this crap people.

bullseye 13 years, 2 months ago on Thai Siam

If Thia Siam delivered I would weigh 900 pounds and I would be stuffed with Chicken Panang curry and chicken wings! Authentic or not, the food is awesome. The Pad Thai is also amazing. The prices are just as good! You get fat and happy without being broke after wards, and if you were broke after wards, you would feel it was worth every penny! I would recommend asking for extra veggies you like a lot of veggies in your food.

joeboe 13 years, 6 months ago on Thai Siam

If you want to try it, call ahead, and get it to go. Add 20 mins. onto whatever the cashier says the time it will take. If you do a walk-in order, expect to wait 30-45 minutes for your food. If you order something special like curry with no fish sauce and spring rolls with no shrimp, you could wait even longer, and special instructions add 5-10 minutes extra on your order. Take my advice and just order a chicken pad thai, it is delicious.

The cooks have no problem shouting at the employees all the time, and it can get kind of uncomfortable. Don't ask the cook for a box for your food to go either, I've been yelled at before, and I'm not really sure why.

But the food is so good, I keep coming back. It's like I know I am being abused, but I still can't help myself. I know what it's like to be a battered wife now, I think.

13 years, 7 months ago on Thai Siam

They are the only restaurant in town that has "Springfield-style" cashew chicken. That makes them winners in my book. The Thai food is really good as well.

badcat 13 years, 8 months ago on Thai Siam

Avoid Thai Siam at all costs. Took the family there three times and was treated poorly twice. Everyone in our group ended up ill and in the ER shortly after dining there the last time. If you like paying for someone to treat you bad and feed you poison, then this is the place for you. Two thumbs down.

coleifer 13 years, 10 months ago on Thai Siam

Love this place - despite their steadily increasing prices. Recommend: Panang or Green curry, spring rolls, and their egg drop soup is amazing.

rose08 14 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

BY FAR the best Thai food in town. I seriously could eat it everyday and do eat it almost every week. I used to work in a Thai restaurant elsewhere and I am rather picky about the Thai food I eat but Thai Siam has never left me anything but more than happy.Dishes I personally have tried and that are delicious are: Pad Thai, Pad See Ewe (they use the real flat noodles), Chicken with Basil, Fried Tofu,and I have newly became addicted to their curries especially the Massaman!Yes, the service can sometimes leave something to be desired, but normally if you call ahead for carryout it will be ready for you at the quoted time. Also, the speed factor I'm sure has something to do with the fact that the owners are the only two working the woks everyday. You can only cook one thing at a time in a wok (unlike a big grill or stove top) so things are only going to go so fast if you have a lot of orders.That said though, the last few times I've went my food has been ready in 30 minutes or less and the couple that runs the place have been friendly.Honestly, that is beside the point because I would wait days for their food which has consistently been delicious! All in all - great taste!

johnnyrocket 15 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

The food here is great, but yes sadly the service isn't the finest. I wouldn't let that deter you from trying it out, just don't be surprised by a wait- I think, as with crack, they make you wait so you remember just how good it is... but unlike crack I'm still "using" Thai Siam. No rehab needed.OH! This is a repost, but important: CLOSED 3-5PM and SUNDAY. (Family Biz)

tloclub 15 years, 3 months ago on Thai Siam

I love this restaurant. I've tried to find other Thai restaurants that I have loved as much as I love Thai Siam, and it has never happened. The price is reasonable and the flavors are amazing. I haven't explored much of the menu, but this review is centered around the Beef Pad See Eew, the spring rolls, the green beans, and the pad thai. Yummy...

virtuatennis 15 years, 3 months ago on Thai Siam

The best Thai Restaurant I have ever had. Period. The food, the people, the atmosphere.... it's just what I look for in a restaurant. Food that exceeds the restaurants "image."

kuamber85 15 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

Yes, the food is good. But my friend and I waited 45 minutes for our lunch to arrive at our table the other day. We finally had to ask for it to-go so we could return to work. When we asked about the wait time they told us we should have called ahead, although this website states they do not take call-aheads. We should have been informed about the wait time when we initially ordered at the register. My credit card was also overcharged and when I called to ask about the mix-up I was told to "not bother them."

Jayhawker2004 15 years, 6 months ago on Thai Siam

Good food but service and really use some work. Typical waiting time for food is about 30 minutes min and I rarely dine-in because of how long it takes, even when it's not busy.

Emily Hadley 15 years, 7 months ago on Thai Siam

I love this place. Somehow the food tastes even better when they are in a bad mood.

I am not a big fan of the Chinese dishes, but their Thai dishes are the reason I am totally addicted. They will always make my curry vegan(i.e. without fish sauce) and they understand the meaning of "extra spicy". The veggies are always incredibly fresh, too.

Their hours changed a bit recently--they close from 3PM to 5PM most days, and are closed on Sunday.

They don't seem to mind last-minute orders a bit, but if you order close to closing time, get it to go.

Writing this was too much,,, I want Green Curry Tofu right now.

as_rizzi 15 years, 11 months ago on Thai Siam

this was my first thai experience in the midwest, and it didn't fare too bad. I ordered the pork pad siew and it was pretty tasty, (although i've never once been asked how spicy I want it back home, always comes mild) but I've had a lot better. Being from los angeles i might just be spoiled-but nonetheless I would probably head back to this place to try out their curries if i get a craving..

Shawn Trimble 15 years, 11 months ago on Thai Siam

Food is good, and priced fairly, but Thai Siam has some of the worst service in Lawrence. We have called in for carry-out dozens of time, and easily half the time food is not ready for pick-up when we arrive, even though we have learned to pad an extra 10-30 minutes onto their (already lengthy) estimates. Occasionally, when we get there, they haven't even started preparing the food. Worst of all, there is never an apology for the delay. It's close, priced OK, but just not worth the inconvenience. We prefer Zen Zero now.

Almo80 16 years ago on Thai Siam

Best Thai in town. The atmosphere is not very good...after all it is an old Subway. Which also means the kitchen is small, so you wait a good while for food. I suggest calling ahead and taking out. The little boy that works the register is always friendly and helpful.

alerixon1 16 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

Gotta agree with elubliner, while the food was wonderful, waiting for an hour and 15 min for take-out is ridiculous! Especially when the manager is watching tv and fails to even take the ticket for about 30 of those minutes. And we were not alone in our wait. I understand that this is not fast food (which the manager was happy to point out after we asked about our food after the first 45 min) but there is no restaurant, regardless of the expense and atmosphere, which should make customers wait so long for food.

marina005 16 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

Awful service. I've called in take out and have had to wait over half an hour for my food at the restaurant.

Terry Bush 16 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

The best Thai food for the money in the region. Well worth sitting in a booth/tiny table. Very reasonable prices, very delicious food!

AtticusFinch 16 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

First, the food is fantastic. The pad thai is the best I've ever eaten. Their fried rice with basil leaves is wonderful. Now here is the trick to eating at Thai Siam: call ahead at least 45 minutes before you want to eat. Better yet, call your order in and take it home. This is best because it is disheartening to eat while observing all those customers who didn't know to expect a 45 min wait AFTER they ordered.

Emily Lubliner 16 years, 6 months ago on Thai Siam

Thai Siam,

I think I'm done with you. Your food is good, but your service is truly awful. Last time I dined in, you brought food to the other three people in our party but failed to bring mine until long after they were done eating. I gave you one more chance last night, but waiting nearly an hour for a takeout order is ridiculous and rude. You'll now have one less customer to neglect.

So long.

BBRRAADD 16 years, 11 months ago on Thai Siam

They make the most incredible curry i've ever tasted. I'd stay away from their chinese food, it's a little dissapointing (with exception to their delicious crab ragoon). This little "hole-in-the-wall" Thai place has amazing and authentic Thai curry dishes. My recommendations include ANY of their curry dishes, especially the green curry chicken and red curry chicken. Don't be fooled by their small restaurant with limited seating space, this place makes incredible thai food. Go there and judge for yourself, I promise you won't regret it!!!

Mike Pritchard 17 years ago on Thai Siam

Thai Subway! At least that is what I call it...I am from Thailand and I am telling you that this is probably the most authentic in the area. Very good food...much better than the 2 Thai rest. downtown. I will say this...stay away from the Chinese side of the menu...not their strongest...

Chinese and Thai cooking are very different styles....the Chinese side of the menu should be avoided. In other words if you want Chinese go to a chinese resteraunt...don't expect to drop in at Thai Siam expecting good Chinese is a Thai Rest.

mathew1357 17 years, 3 months ago on Thai Siam

I will NEVER go back to this "restaurant"/fast food place! The people who run the restaurant are RUDE and will blame YOU for being upset that you had to wait 1 hour! for your food. They will tell you that YOU are holding everyone else up and that YOU should have known (even though it is your first time in the "restaurant") to call ahead and take your food to go. They will tell you that it is YOUR fault for not asking how long the wait is. I was appalled with how I was treated and will gladly pay a few more dollars to go to the Thai House on Mass. Street to avoid such terrible treatment. After the awful comments by the people who run the restaurant, I completely lost my appetite and left without eating. Before I left they screamed that I could get my money back and when I asked for my money back they gave me less than the menu price. When I asked for the full menu price (not even asking for the tax back) they were upset and fumbled while they tried to rectify their mistake. I have NEVER been treated in such a way and will NEVER go back to this "restaurant"!

Alexander Smith 17 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

Hands down the best Asian Cuisine in Lawerence. Getting your food is slow on busy days but it is well worth the wait. Its all prepared fresh.

mamacita 18 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

that last comment was really a review of thai house. i mean, if the restraunt names were a little more creative and they didn't use "cuisine type" in ther name i might not have had the mixup. sorry all.

mamacita 18 years, 1 month ago on Thai Siam

this place is an anomoly. so unbelieveably hit or miss. they have an amazing fried catfish in a hot chile sauce with bell peppers. the pad see eeww is great on a good day, but terrible on a bad one. you just never know what is going on in that kitchen. and the service is consistently bad, which deters me from going there, even though i know that the food can be really good. p.s thai food is commonly served family style, entree in one bowl, rice in another and everyone gets their own plate then shares the food. this way you get to try lots of food and also get more than just one or two food groups in at a meal. don't expect that here. food is plated so that it can be set down in front of and eaten by exactly one person. so you must try and make clear to your server you will be sharing and would like extra plates.

gamer 18 years, 2 months ago on Thai Siam

You aren't going to find better Asian cuisine in Lawrence aside from the pricier Scarlet Orchid. Best curry, noodle dishes, meat and preparation around. Amazing taste and quality (read: not fast food Asian like Jade Garden, which I still like.)

kugal 18 years, 4 months ago on Thai Siam

Love this place! My new favorite Thai place. Great food, good quality, and reasonably priced. I still miss Lulu's, though.

merrywidow033 18 years, 4 months ago on Thai Siam

i love going to thai siam and watching them prepare the food right in front of your eyes. the panang, and green curry are absolutely wonderful. thank you thai siam! ^_^

Huskerdave 18 years, 4 months ago on Thai Siam

This is now my favorite oriential restaurant, period. Very clean, people are helpful and friendly, and the food is wonderful. There is a ton of different choices on the menu and everything that I have tried is very good.

Nick Spacek 18 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

I love this restaurant. If I could figure out a way to afford it, I would eat here every day of the frickin' week. The menu's big enough...

Phil Minkin 18 years, 5 months ago on Thai Siam

I think it would be helpful to list whether or not the restaurants serve alcohol

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