West Coast Saloon


Matt Torres 10 years, 1 month ago on West Coast Saloon

natty is right, unfortunately. The place only has one guy cooking and he doesn't seem like a very efficient short-order cook. The burger itself was indeed good, after waiting the half-hour it took to make it. The lunch special price was a dollar more than advertised on their web site, which I can get over since $7 was still a good price for burger, fries and drink.

Just understand that this is a place you should only go to and order food if you are already there hanging out for a good hour or two shooting pool or whatever. There definitely was a "regulars get special treatment" vibe, though I didn't find it threatening or anything. It definitely was happening though. One of the "owners" was just leaned against the bar the whole time chatting to people and I'm pretty sure some regulars got served before us even though they came in after.

I don't know what the problem is, but there was only room for one cook there. If they want to broaden their crowd they need to work on getting better turn-around on the food somehow.

brother_pants 15 years, 7 months ago on West Coast Saloon

Sounds like nattyamerican is a pissy american that has yet to try the best burgers in town instead of listening to hearsay. West Coast Saloon is definitely a towny bar with regular customers (some alcoholics, I suppose) but I've never felt a threatening vibe. Maybe natty just needs to talk to some folks and get to know them instead of judging book covers. I'll continue to go there for the best burgers in Lawrence and the cold beer. Maybe I'm becoming a towny...

nattyamerican 15 years, 8 months ago on West Coast Saloon

I get the feeling you are not welcome here unless you are a regular. The regulars come in every day and drink for hours, seeing as they are all middle aged alchoholics, and rude ones at that. I've also been told the burgers are mostly raw. Enjoy.

Scott Newell 18 years ago on West Coast Saloon

West Coast is cool and its next to the best bar in town...Phoggy Dog!!!

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