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BrokeKUalumn 14 years, 2 months ago on Yello Sub

good sandwiches, but their service is terrible. Delivery guys are rude and it makes me wish I hadn't ordered from there. I guess a $5 tip isn't good enough because they just roll their eyes at me after I tell them to keep the change.

missmagoo 17 years, 10 months ago on Yello Sub

how does it take SO long to make a sandwich? the food was okay..nothing special..but i would much rather eat at quiznos where it takes 5 minutes to go through the line... here i felt like i was at a hippie joint.

drunkagain 18 years, 1 month ago on Yello Sub

Since Yellow Sub chained off into Planet Sub in KC and elsewhere everything has dropped. Food used to be a 10, vibe, service the same. I still would rather get a sandwich here then any other place in Lawrence or KC, but of people that knew the Yellow Sub before they started the franchise craze and the Yellow Sub now, service is alot worse, and as service goes vibe goes also. Place a call in order and leave you deal with the food only and its good (not as good as 5 years ago though) but try and order at the resteraunt for dine in or go, and it seems Yellow Sub is trying to test its regulars patience.

doggie 18 years, 2 months ago on Yello Sub

used to be better. they had GREAT sandwiches in the 80's now its usually pretty good cool staff they are slow because they get really, really busy so dont get all angry when you have to wait. I wouldnt want to work there

alan 19 years, 2 months ago on Yello Sub

I'll first comment on the service, which isn't usually bad, but it can be. When attempting to dine in, orders seem to get lost regularly. Also, it often takes about an hour for one six-inch sub.

The food isn't bad. But it's unpredictable and often unimpressive. I learned from an employee that only months ago the turkey they were serving seemed to make a few people sick and they kept serving that same batch of turkey throughout the week. On the plus side, Yello Sub offers a variety of vegetarian subs but... they use pre-bagged lettuce. pre-packaged lettuce is a pet peeve of mine, im mean seriously, how can they call themselves a "fresh alternative" if they used old packaged lettuce!?

I like the people who work there and I generally like the food they serve. But one must question the true quality of this establishment's ingredients.

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