Zig & Mac's

  • 1540 Wakarusa Lawrence, KS 66047
  • (near 15th and Wakarusa)
  • 785-856-0606
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


This upscale sports bar opened in late 2006, and is tricked out with 30 plasma TVs, four 84" screens, NFL Gameday, College Gameday, and XM radio. A private dining room (for up to 50) available for reservation.

Note: All specials are subject to change for sporting events and other special events held in the restaurant. Call ahead to be sure.

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danhayseed 11 years, 1 month ago on Zig & Mac's

I joined a group of people at Zig and Mac's on 1-15-10 and the service was horrible and the food was not very good. It took us almost and hour to get our food and it was not very busy. I ordered the beef nachos and when I finally got it the chips were soggy but the chips on top were burnt which I assume was from sitting under a heat lamp for too long. Our bill was not correct until the 3rd time. The manager was nice and comped us a drink and $5 but it was just ridiculous. Other people in our group had bad food or what they ordered was not correct. I would not recommend eating at this establishment. Too overpriced for the quality of food and the bad experience.

laprickett 12 years, 6 months ago on Zig & Mac's

We are new to the area and Zig and Macs is relatively close to our house so we were excited to give it a try. After ordering our food, we never received the appetizer we ordered and our dinner arrived at least 30 minutes later - while we waited with empty glasses. We never saw our waitress during this time but others walked by and noticed the glasses but never bothered to offer to fill them. When our food arrived my husbands salad was covered in honey mustard - which he doesnt like. The waitress asked if everything was ok and he mentioned that he had asked for ranch instead so she brought him a container of ranch - (I suppose to go on top of the honey mustard salad)! When another waitress came by we asked for a new side salad, mainly out of curiosity to see how long it would take, needless to say - we never saw that salad that she promised would be right out. So basically, he paid $9 for a sandwich without a side. We eventually agreed to leave $20 on the table so that we could continue with our evening. We talked about returning only for takeout but we really aren't sure that the staff could handle that either.

calieerin 13 years, 11 months ago on Zig & Mac's

Love everything about this place! My boyfriend and I had grown a bit out of the downtown crowd and thought we would try something new. We pulled into Zig and Mac's and we pleasantly surprised. Not only did they capture the KU spirit, but great food and drinks as well. Big screens everywhere....even if you want to party on the patio and watch. Big Screens in the windows so your not left out. We were searching for a place that had shuffleboard....sure enough, they had it. The specials are insane...hot wings, ribs, and the best mott's sticks I have ever had. The staff is knowledgeable and the manager Scott is the best. We ask for Knob Creek and we got schooled. Working in restaurants my entire life, I have met a few that did what he did for us.

Finally a place that has it all. Sports, food, staff, atmosphere, and the best drinks around.

Thank you Zig and Macs for opening in Lawrence!

Thank you, Callie and Jerett

SurroundedByYouth 14 years, 1 month ago on Zig & Mac's

Funny... I went to Zig and Mac's after I read the first post. A friend and I ordered two margaritas and when asked what kind of tequila I would like I asked my options. After they told me what was avialable, I requested Patron Reposado (as opposed to Silver which is all I see anywhere else). The bartender was a tall guy with a goatee and seemed pretty knowledgable. He talked to us while he made our drinks and cracked a few jokes. There WAS a drunk guy there watching a game, but when he got a little loud the manager walked over and calmed him down. The bill came and... $15.50. Hmmm... two 16 ounce margaritas made with a tequila better than the usual Patron Silver and they were $7.75 a piece. Not to mention, everyone who worked there seemed, well, pretty darn pleasant! I would say that SASJayhawk82 has the gift of exaggeration going for him at least...

gastrawn 14 years, 3 months ago on Zig & Mac's

Wow - I've never been to Zig & Mac's but it sounds like it doesn't cater to cheap, snotty little brats. So I would probably like it just fine.

Telling someone to get lost is insulting. What goes around comes around. Maybe you and your girlfriend should stick to McDonalds. Happy Meals are still under $5, aren't they? : )

SASJayhawk82 14 years, 5 months ago on Zig & Mac's

I had a terrible experience. My girlfriend and I went to get an after work drink. We sit down and order two Patron Margaritas. As we are waiting for our drinks, a creepy drunk reading a book on Einstein looks at me and says, "I have a million dollars." I said, "Yeah, so does my father, get lost." He proceeds to insult and verbally abuse me. I ask the bartender why his customers feel the need to verbally abuse me when all I want is a drink. The bartender proceeds to ask me how old I am, (I told him 24), and he proceeds to tell me I'm young, immature and could never relate to this drunk next to me or him. His wife died and he took a trip around the world. He proceeded to depress my girlfriend and me, and insult us. Then we got the bill, 25.00 for two drinks. Ouch! Well, I recommend Zig and Mac's if you want to be verbally abused, insulted, talked down to and then practically robbed!

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