The Scene Stealers Podcast

Episode 43: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Trevan and Eric have a fundamental difference in opinion on "Tinker Tailor Solider Spy," the new spy thriller opening at Liberty Hall 644 Mass., today. Once that's over, they make up long enough to talk about anticipated movies of 2012.

Fashion Out Loud

Holiday Fashion Tips

With Christmas and New Year's Eve coming up, Go! editor Katie Bean and fashion writers Ali Edwards and David Hall talk about holiday- and weather-appropriate clothing for the celebrations. This week's music comes courtesy of Br'er.


The Hall Monitors Podcast #2

This week, the Hall Monitors discuss "Piranha 3D," "Resident Evil: After Life," and Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck's documentary "I'm Still Here." Other discussions include the film-to-digital transition happening in Lawrence, Danny Trejo's starring role in "Machete," Zach Galifinakis, the ...

Pod People! :P

Ballin' Idols '10: Week 3

Er Bear, Fey Walrus and Cougar are joined by Jake "Water Bison" Wilson from team Tellers to dish about week three and preview week four of Kaw Valley Kickball. Topics this week include: the mysterious disappearance of Eastsiders, Yellow Sub ...

The Dog and Pony Show

Tech Talk

Tech N9ne, Kansas City's most prolific and successful rapper, chats with us about being an independent mogul, embracing Juggalos, conquering Canada and consuming cognac. You know what I'm sizzlin'? (Caution: contains some explicit language.)

Room 125: The LHS Podcast

Budget cuts and the future of Lawrence schools

The Lawrence school district faces a budget deficit of over $5 million. This week the Lawrence High School student podcast "Room 125" will examine the different options facing the school board in regards to potential cuts, particularly the suggestion of ...

Pulse Podcast

An interview with Lawrence's NaNoWriMo winners

Shaun Hittle talks with Jason Arnett and John Bond, winners of the Lawrence NaNoWriMo contest, about their writing process and their new books.

Street Level

Poet and anti-poet: An interview with Jim McCrary

"Like all art, most poetry is awful," says Jim McCrary, referring as much to his own work as anyone else's. "The Poet's Corner in the newspaper. You know what I mean." He divulges that reading his own poems often causes ...

Ten Million Pounds of Sludge

Raising (old) canes

Is it really already October? For many of us, 2009 may have gone hastily by without leaving much to show for it — but we can’t all be Chris Crisci. We can’t all release two albums through two different bands, ...


Roll Models

A new season of flying fishnets and sharp elbows is underway for those derby vixens of the Kansas City Roller Warriors. Lauren Taylor, a.k.a. Auntie Embolism, joined us to discuss their upcoming bout and the face-smashing feminism of our very ...

In the love of truth...

Solemn Mass

This special all music service features the Chancel Choir with director Kim Manz and organist Dina Evans performing the "Solemn Mass" by Louis Vierne (1870-1937). The movements are sung in Latin: "Kyrie," "Gloria," "Sanctus," "Benedictus," and "Agnus Dei."

Corn on the Macabre

Family Portraits

The Allen kids are a complicated set of sibs right up there with Abel and Cain or Donnie and Marie. Brett Allen makes abstract acrylic paintings. Maggie Allen made further abstractions of some of these paintings using colored pencils. They ...


Hop wings

From what I've heard, the hip hop scene in Lawrence has slowed some in the last couple years. Living in KC, I'm not sure if this is true. But I do know a vibe like I remember from Lawrence is ...

The Turnpike


The name of the band is Morningwood. Their signature live song is "Take Off Your Clothes." Prepare yourself for a very touching episode of The Turnpike.

Walkie Talkies

The Peoples' Art Tour

Greetings, fellow travelers. . . Welcome to the first installment of Walkie Talkies, a series of mp3 tours focusing on various facets of Lawrence's thriving cultural community, created for your personal mp3 player. Today's tour: the grandiosely entitled "THE PEOPLES' ...


Rollin' sans the Pacifier

Hosts Jess and Denise test the waters with some techno funk, a little Jacko shoutout, and Jess confirms her suspicions with a UFO sighting. Equal parts practicality: featured drink specials for Monday evening, a glance at the weather, and some ...