The Hall Monitors Podcast #2


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Cdubyahurd 11 years, 11 months ago

Again? I see no comments yet...allow me to "pop" that..yesss... Barrrr-"It only takes no eyes to hear(italics)that you're an idiot." I kid! (dat crakd muh sh!t) Another amazing and highly entertaining podcast from der Haul Monitaurs! 35mm 4lyfe. Actually, I was wondering why The Informant looked so shitty the in theater, thanks for that insight. Trejo plays a character called "Machete Cortez" in Spy Kids 2:Island of Lost Dreams?! so much punctuation. OooOOHh Rodriguez...WTF....(A-f*cka-you-dolphin!!-- insert derogatory Japanese accent). Also I cannot wait for True Grit this X-mas....I feel J.Bridges will be one of helluvah Rooster. I hope you've enjoyed my nutshell as much as I have been warped by your ramblin's, A.D.D.! Does that stand for the what it is most commonly known to be? Jus-curiouz. I must get on with my sad life now, thanks for the good listenin's y'all.(z)

Cdubyahurd 11 years, 11 months ago

"How do you work this thing?" You cannot delete or edit comments in this place? That's life....shhhheeiittt.......

Cdubyahurd 11 years, 10 months ago

Well, I do suspect a touch more Brandy in my Jo' that morn than most..."I drink to bring me down to the level of the common man but the common man drinks so I must drink twice as much. I'm a big advocate of an even playing field." - K.Roth Binew. (Not really an applicable quote but an enjoyable one nonetheless)!Cheers!

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