The Hall Monitors Podcast #2


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Cdubyahurd 12 years, 8 months ago

Again? I see no comments yet...allow me to "pop" that..yesss... Barrrr-"It only takes no eyes to hear(italics)that you're an idiot." I kid! (dat crakd muh sh!t) Another amazing and highly entertaining podcast from der Haul Monitaurs! 35mm 4lyfe. Actually, I was wondering why The Informant looked so shitty the in theater, thanks for that insight. Trejo plays a character called "Machete Cortez" in Spy Kids 2:Island of Lost Dreams?! so much punctuation. OooOOHh Rodriguez...WTF....(A-f*cka-you-dolphin!!-- insert derogatory Japanese accent). Also I cannot wait for True Grit this X-mas....I feel J.Bridges will be one of helluvah Rooster. I hope you've enjoyed my nutshell as much as I have been warped by your ramblin's, A.D.D.! Does that stand for the what it is most commonly known to be? Jus-curiouz. I must get on with my sad life now, thanks for the good listenin's y'all.(z)

Cdubyahurd 12 years, 8 months ago

"How do you work this thing?" You cannot delete or edit comments in this place? That's life....shhhheeiittt.......

Cdubyahurd 12 years, 8 months ago

Well, I do suspect a touch more Brandy in my Jo' that morn than most..."I drink to bring me down to the level of the common man but the common man drinks so I must drink twice as much. I'm a big advocate of an even playing field." - K.Roth Binew. (Not really an applicable quote but an enjoyable one nonetheless)!Cheers!

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