Ballin' Idols '10: Week 3

Er Bear, Fey Walrus and Cougar are joined by Jake "Water Bison" Wilson from team Tellers to dish about week three and preview week four of Kaw Valley Kickball. Topics this week include: the mysterious disappearance of Eastsiders, Yellow Sub ...

Ballin' Idols '10: Week 2

More Kaw Valley Kickball podcastery with Cougar, Er Bear and Brimley Cat. This week they're joined by Chris "Red Breasted" Cardinal and Troy "The Pomeranian" Pomeroy from The Jazzhaus. The results from week one are analyzed, the arrival of Free ...

Ballin' Idols '10: Week 1

The Kaw Valley Kickball podcast bunts boldly into the 2010 season with the return of Jason "Cougar" Hwang and Erin "Eri-Bear" Adams (plus some imbecile with a mustache)! We preview this Sunday's inaugural games, discuss changes to the overall KVKL ...

Korto Couture: An interview with Korto Momolu of "Project Runway"

Designer Korto Momolu of "Project Runway" fame on making clothes for actual women, the reality of reality television, and going grungy at Wal-Mart.

Ballin' Idols, Season Wrap Up

The 2009 season of Kaw Valley Kickball has come and gone. Cougar, Er Bear, 'Stache and representatives of KVKL champions Pita Pit pour some Colt .45 on the curb. See y'alls next season!

Ballin' Idols, Championship Edition

Cougar, Er Bear, Pomeranian and 'Stache preview the finals and bid a fond farewell to the 2009 season of Kaw Valley Kickball. Beefs are had by all.

The Meat of the Matter: Miss Gina K and friends serve up some stories with a side of beef

Gina Kaufmann has been a voice in local media for years, best known as co-host of The Walt Bodine Show on KCUR, but with her upcoming storytelling event she's allowing other folks a shot at the microphone. Think of it ...

Ballin' Idols, Quarterfinals Preview

Jason "Cougar" Hwang returns from exile to chat up the Kaw Valley Kickball tournament with Erin "Er Bear" Adams, Chris "Has A Bum Knee" Nevere, and The 'Stache. A whole bunch of things that aren't germane to KVKL are discussed.

Ballin' Idols, Semifinals Preview

Curtis "Candlepants" McCoy, Chris "Nevermore" Nevere, and Deron "Don't Make Me Take Off My" Belt join The 'Stache to discuss the upcoming Kaw Valley Kickball Tournament. Be sure to print out a bracket and peruse our KVKL slide show as ...

Ballin' Idols, Week 10

Er Bear, The Vixen and Cougar join The 'Stache Beef to chat up this week in Kaw Valley Kickball. George Brett's bowel control, James Naismith's nationality, and Joe DiMaggio's virility are all called into question.