meowllory 13 years ago

Hey Dudes, Red Lyon won game of the week.

gavon 13 years ago

Hurr durr derp! Corrected. I must be high on gulf oil spill fumes. Sorry about that, Red Lyon.

TofuScramble 13 years ago

Well done, gang. How big is that studio anyways? Just a comment on Brew Ballers v Love Garden at South Park. It was amazing playing in the park again. The grass was long (not short), which did make it difficult for the BB's pitcher to get the ball across home without bouncing it. Much closer game than the score indicates--tied 1-1 to start the 7th. Hats off to those Ballers.

Adam P Atterson 13 years ago

You'd think some of the better teams in the league would be on the up-and-up when it came to reffin.

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