Roll Models

A new season of flying fishnets and sharp elbows is underway for those derby vixens of the Kansas City Roller Warriors. Lauren Taylor, a.k.a. Auntie Embolism, joined us to discuss their upcoming bout and the face-smashing feminism of our very ...

Ball of the Wild

The rubber-walloping weekend warriors of Kaw Valley Kickball League are back. While the kingly pursuit of kickball has sprouted leagues across the nation, KVKL has developed a distinctly Lawrencian character all its own. This rich pageantry of townies, pre-pubescent sport, ...

Mark of the Beast

Charles S. McVey joins us to discuss his new album,"Animal," and getting peed on by Jesus. (CAUTION: This interview may contain backwards messages.)

Teen Titans of Cinema

Could high school students make the next “Citizen Kane”? Well, realistically, probably not. But it’s not like Orson Welles was cranking out masterpieces while struggling with the most awkward years of his life—so the kids in the Focus Film Festival ...

The Taped Crusaders

The Found Footage Festival salvages our shameful VHS heritage from the dumpster of history.

The Audacity of Stanhope

The noxious depravity of comedian Doug Stanhope, set to soothing digital white noise and space age lounge music.

Crimson & Blue & Green

Mayor Mike Dever and Simran Sethi chat up the Climate Protection Task Force and how Lawrence can kick ass in the green economy.

Balls Out

Jacki Becker and Deron Belt preview the upcoming season of Kaw Valley Kickball League. Prepare for short shorts and awful gonad jokes.

Indian Dance

Kevin Willmott chats up his new Sundance Film Festival entry, "The Only Good Indian," at a crowded diner in Park City, Utah.

2008: A scrapbook in sound

Auditory hallucinations from the year that was.