jmmycsnv 9 years, 7 months ago

Thor could be fun though I'm not expecting much. I think the problem about Thor is that he's slightly alienating and a difficult character to care or relate to.

Bridesmaid could be solid at least with a promising cast. I don't know.

Priest has the potential to be a fun post apocalyptic western slaying demons or vampires, whatever they are. My concern it will be too concerned with being slick and cool and will also try to do too much.

Pirates of the who gives a rat's ass anymore.

Enjoyed the first Hangover, but it isn't the funniest comedy of all the time like so many say it is. This one seems to be recycling the same jokes from the first. Not good. Its like saying "hey remember every joke you liked or quoted at work, well we have them again."

Kung Fu Panda 2-Eh. Surprisingly enjoyed the first, but this Dreamworks doesn't have the best history with sequels.

Now we're getting a bit better.

Tree of Life-Malick, interesting cast, interesting premise, can't wait. Plus I felt like this film was never gonna be released after awhile.

X-Men First Class-I'm liking what I see and hopefully if its good it can spawn 2 sequels and have no relation to any previous X-Men flick before it. Also Bryan Singer is producing it, so if you did happen to enjoy the first two films, you might like this. I like what I see though. Alot.

Super 8-Can't wait. Most anticipated this summer. Fitting for a filmmaker who is generally compared to Spielberg nowadays to release a film that feels like a tribute to those films of the 70s and 80s. Its not only its premise, but the cast, and the visual touches, and music, that really give it a Spielberg touch.

Green Lantern-underwhelmed by the first trailer. The wondercon footage was an improvement. I like what I see. Don't love it though.

Cars 2-Eh.

Bad Teacher-could be funny, but as you guys said, its Bad Santa in teacher form.

Transformers 3-could be fun. I just want a much shorter film with more action and less of a stupid convoluted story. That last one I still say might be the worst studio film of the last 5-10 years. No reason that amount of money and talent in the technical department should have been wasted as they were.

Larry Crowne-harmless. Something my mother would probably love.

Zookeeper-kill me.

Harry Potter 7 Part 2-Consistently enjoyed this series, though rarely ever loved. Still I'll be looking forward to the big climax.

jmmycsnv 9 years, 7 months ago

Captain America-Love the The Rocketeer, which I think makes Johnston a suitable director for material like this. I like the time period and like Aaron said, its time for an all American superhero again. I'm brooded out for now. I'll be ready for some darkness come Dark Knight Rises, but I think Captain American might be the most promising out of Thor, and Green Lantern.

Friend with Benefits-Looks like No Strings Attached, but this one seems more promising with more chuckles and laughs. It also from the same guy who brought us Easy A which I thought was pretty funny and charming.

Cowboys and Aliens-My most anticipated blockbuster after Super 8. With all these superhero flicks, it would be nice to see something that doesn't feature a superhero. Love westerns. Love sci-fi. It seems to be going for a more darker tone with moments of humor, and I dig that. Craig seems perfect as the sort of "man with no name" I guess "no identity or memory." Ford is doing what he should have been doing years ago, playing roles suitable for character actors like this mean sheriff as opposed to being the main star. Forget the silly title and I think this could be a fun film that hopefully won't go in Independence Day or Wild Wild West territory. Could have been like a potential Twilight episode.

Smurfs-.......ah, shit.

Trevan 9 years, 7 months ago

I agree with a lot of what you've said here, Jimmy. To me, the two potential runaway blockbusters are Super 8 and Cap. I'm ready for some of that old Spielberg magic and He hasn't let me down as a director yet. He may not have written the script for Star Trek, but Abrams is all over the movie in his camerawork, editing choices, etc. I'm not even a fan of the Star Trek franchise and I loved that movie. Good summer popcorn fun that doesn't skimp on the relationships that ground all of the best summer movies, but isn't afraid to go over the top with a great villain and Michael Giachino's soaring score. If he can take a similar approach with Super 8, look out.

Likewise, I think Captain America could really stand apart for the same reasons you do. I actually like Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Cap and I agree with you that Johnston has a great eye for retro sets and action settings. I'm not a fan of The Rocketeer, but my complaints stim entirely from story and performances. As a visual display, it captures the spirit of old action serials and features some fantastic action backdrops, the final showdown on the zeppelin being one of them.

Eric, myself and the Dad's Big Plan crew will be reviewing these throughout the summer, so stay tuned. You can find the podcast on iTunes or you can subscribe to the RSS of the podcast's landing page (

Thanks and keep listening.

jmmycsnv 9 years, 7 months ago

I'll be listening. Sadly August doesn't look too good as usual, but 30 Minutes or Less could be kind of fun. Conan, meh. Final Destination 5, really? Then again I'm not really sure why I'm up for another Scream flick, but not Final Destination. Maybe Rise of the Planet of the Apes shouldn't register a tought for me, but I am curious.

Keep up the good work.

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