Episode 10: The Green Hornet and The Golden Globes

The Scene Stealers Podcast

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jmmycsnv 10 years, 3 months ago

Gonna have to agree with Trevan on this one. I was looking forward to this for quite some time and I wasn't nearly as skeptical as many were on Rogen as The Green Hornet. If anything, I was curious. As for the film itself. I'm sort of in between, but I'm veering more towards dislike. Its cool, slick, and stylish, but I was bored anytime between the action sequences. I just think with the setup or who this team is, that got me through most of the flick, but I just feel that these characters deserve a better flick. I don't know what Cameron Diaz is doing here and it would be okay if she had one scene, but she had several in still a nothing role. None of these actors had any chemistry in my opinion and looked out of place and uncomfortable particularly someone like Diaz. Waltz is alot of fun in his small role, but is completely wasted and as I've said before I think Gondry brings plenty of interesting style to the flick, but not much else.

Certainly brings no tweaks to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's script which is a similar bromance to Superbad and Pineapple Express showing their limitations as writers like Trevan said despite still having a level of talent. In fact this is the third flick from Rogen that I feel is uneven like the throwback 80s action buddy comedy like Pineapple Express or the dark comedy Observe and Report. He's a talented individual, perhaps a limited one as an actor not only dramatically, but comedically, and he's behind interesting or at least potentially interesting projects. As you two pointed out, Rogen is unlikable and to some extent that's fine, but he's irresponsible, narcissistic, and merely playing dress up never developing as a character. I'm making it sound like I absolutely hated it, but I didn't. I was just disappointed.

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