cutny 14 years, 12 months ago

I don't get it. Tech9's been ready to "drop" now for about 6 years...but never happens. What's up with that? Seems like every year "is gonna be his year" and never is. Really, I've got nothing for or against either way. Just wondering.

ryano 14 years, 12 months ago

Wha ? This guy looks like a tool. This guy takes himself too serious. What a jagg off

BRAN 14 years, 9 months ago

Every year is Tech N9nes year cause 80% of rappers know days suck Tech n9ne has huge amounts of fans and to me and them Every year is his year his music is being felt by me and alot of other real people to me hes in the catogory with the best ya know 2pac Eminem Snoop Dogg Master p St.lunatics , E-40, Wu-Tang Clan Public Enemy YaH BOY! every one of them got deep talent but Tech N9ne is in his own leagh that cat is amazeing to the stage shows to the mic hes doin it more than right i cant wait to go to another Tech N9ne show hear in Columbia,mo comin up hear in a couple weeks on april 21st at the Blue Note he comes hear like every 3 mounths thanks for the love this shows gonna be real exiteing cause he has a new album comin out in may i hope they got some eveready the religion album samplers he probibly does cause every time someones about to drop they have them im gonna get me a hand full of them all of techs albums are classics i love that jelly sickles with him and 40 the beast i heard at a the song yall cant fuck with us thats my 1st favorite jelly sickles is my 2nd the beast is my 3rd my wife my bich my girl is my 4th but there all my favorites ya see i dont dislike any of them i just like yall cant fuck with us song and jelly sickles song more cause there bangin like a motha but i like all of them and i cant wait to hear the whole album its comin like a tornado hes got alot of features on there Eminem alot of big cats Techs on vidio games and on a major motion pitcher sound track every time he makes an album it gets biger bein on the alpha dog soundtrack can realy get him out there on TV and with him on vidio games and all that i have a feeling hes gonna blow up like an atomic bomb he deserves to be on TV and his vidios playin all the time he more than deserves it Techs about to get that big break with all the big things that he is doin how can he not you haters need to reconize that and every year is techs year you haters just dont reconize cause your not fans soo dont make a comment. every year is techs year but hes just about to get bigger hes always been bigg to me and if your a true fan you should feel the same way are else dont make a statement cause your just a hater that dont have know pashon for real music dont make a doubtfull staitment you need to RECONIZE mabe your just wondering becuse you got your head stuck up your ass and cant see our hear mabe thats why you cant reconize our hear whats goin on i hate that he said she said bullshit gossip bitches stop it peace. BRAN

Jpankey2 14 years, 8 months ago

Im right there with you on that one bran. Tech is the truth to this game. And for as for you ryano you probally dont even listen to tech so why in the world are you talking garbage. Its not like you can spit except for the drool that falls out your mouth.

Nathan 14 years, 8 months ago

Honestly i've never been to one of his shows, but the first time i ever heard of tEchAn9nNa i thought he was the shit! and ever since then i bump his lyrics more then any one there is in the rap game. So homeboy needs to keep it up and he'll get alot more fame and we all know that!!!!!

BRAN 14 years, 6 months ago

Ah i put soo many talented rappers name i forgot my man "DmX", "Nas" "Busta Rhyme's", "DpG" "Bone-Thugs-N-Harmoney", "LuNiZ", my other favorites besides rappers id "U2", Green Day they both touch the soul too. and im sorry in my last post i dident put alot of periods. that was the time when i just got my computer workin. now im use to puting more periods. i dont put commas unless im puting names otherwise i dont need them. i use my amagenation. i guess thats why i got banned from the siccness net they were all assholes. and dissed over commas. and i was banned because i let them know they were assholes. plus i kept on defenden my man "Tech N9ne" and myself. you think there would be alot of true fans over there. but they just talk shit most of them. and for defending myself i got banned. now i cant get new Tech N9ne info. THANKS HATA'S FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK.

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