What is your favorite Lawrence food wonder?

Bill Self pasta at 23rd Street Brewery 4% 20 votes

Biscuits and Gravy at Wheatfield’s Bakery 5% 26 votes

Cheddar Ale Soup at Free State Brewing Company 12% 63 votes

Cream Cheese Donuts at Munchers Bakery 30% 147 votes

Johnny Wilson burger at Johnny’s Tavern 5% 25 votes

Phad Thai at Zen Zero 4% 21 votes

Rock Chocolate Jayhawk ice cream at Sylas and Maddy’s 1% 9 votes

Texas Burrito at Border Bandido 10% 49 votes

Truffle Fries at the Burger Stand 14% 72 votes

Wang Burger at the Wheel 3% 18 votes

Other 7% 38 votes

488 total votes


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