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Book review: "The Age of Sinatra," by David Ohle

What's bad for one may be good for all

"If David Ohle's writing is any indication, modern fables with sharp political critiques are definitely on the upswing." In the Lawrence author's newest book, "The Age of Sinatra," Ohle (rhymes with cannoli) documents and caricatures political and social observations over recent years.

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Master of Chaos

Local writer David Ohle's new novel hailed as black, rich and fecund

The Pisstown Parasite has transformed masses of people into stinking, decaying wanderers. An all-powerful leader, Reverend Hooker, American Divine, is continually shifting people all over the place, from Pisstown to Indian Apple to Bum Bay to Permanganate Island, at random.

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The Mind of Moldenke

How Lawrence writer David Ohle became legend

The legend of David Ohle was born in 1972 with the paragraph, "Moldenke lived the hainted life. As a child he was kept in a crumbled brick of a house where thick windows moaned in their frames through summerfall and gathered ice by winter." This was on page 98 of the January issue of Esquire, opposite a surrealist painting of a dismembered hand holding a telephone receiver on a stool swarming with insects. The story was called "Some Moldenke," a strange, fragmentary piece starring a listless, almost translucent observer in a bizarro world.

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David Ohle, reading

Raven Book Store

Lawrence author David Ohle will read from and talk about his new book, "The Age of Sinatra." "The Age of Sinatra" is the sequel to Ohle's 1972 sci-fi cult classic "Motorman," published by Knopf. Part political allegory, part science-fiction dystopia, the novel catches up with the luckless protagonist Moldenke, after the most recent "Forgetting." Ohle has published his short fiction in Harper's, Esquire and the Paris Review

PRIVATE: "The Pisstown Chaos"

Private residence (event NOT open to public as originally posted)

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