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¢ By submitting video for inclusion on, you in no way surrender any rights to your video, with one exception: once the video is posted, you may not require us to remove it from the site (although we will consider requests to do so).

¢ Please only submit video of which you are the original author or to which no one else can claim copyright. (So, yeah, don't send us email forwards - bad, BAD internets user! - or something you recorded off cable, etc). Please read our user agreement.

¢ We're not interested in seeing your home videos of deviant sex acts and the like. We are, however, interested in seeing your home videos depicting wholesome, traditional sex acts. Ha ha, only kiding - actually we could care less what style of sexuality you're into - so please send us nothing approximating porn. Thanks in advance.

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Our file format of choice is thus:
¢ Quicktime .mov
¢ 320x240 pixels (assuming your video is 4:3 aspect)
¢ 10-20 frames per sec.
¢ Mono voice or music
¢ Hinted streaming

Most video editing programs or the Quicktime Pro Player will allow you to easily set these specs when you 'Export' or 'Save As' (sometimes under 'More options' or 'Expert Settings' etc)

That said, we will accept any file format...however, the odds of us posting your video increase the more closely your file meets our desired specs.

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  • You own your work, we don't.
  • You are allowing us put it on for download, on our site radio player, and on our local tv music channel.
  • We won't sell or otherwise profit directly from your music.
  • We are not held responsible if you break the law with your music, you are.

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