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Ali Edwards

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Style Scout: Jaclyn Howell

Fashion trends you love: Anything that is boho chic, like they stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog.

Style Scout: Joel T. Luber

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Late-20s, early-30s young professionals and jobs to support them

Style Scout: Ryan Desett

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Nothing. It’s nice.

Style Scout: Cleo Lemaster

Describe your style: Bust magazine meets "The Virgin Suicides" meets Harajuku

Lawrence Laundry: Secrets of a style scout

"This is your job?” is the question I’m most frequently asked when I interview someone for Style Scout, a Q&A column in the Journal-World that features Lawrence’s most fashionably (or interestingly) dressed. Style Scout is a simple and fun piece, but for me, for a mere five minutes, I get to be entrenched in a person’s everyday life.

Style Scout: Skylar Cowdry

Describe your style: Old-fashioned with a modern twist.

Style Scout: Natalie Schaefer

Fashion trends you hate: Not dressing for the weather.

Lawrence Laundry: UGG boots a point of contention

I can usually count on one of two comments being made when I ask the question, “What are some trends you hate?” A majority of the time, people answer this question of distaste with either “sweatpants” or “UGGs.”

Style Scout: Nick Reid

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? A more dominant art scene, more art studios.

Style Scout: Martha Leonard

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I wish Mass. Street was a pedestrian street.

Style Scout: Marcus Ridder

Fashion trends you love: Colored pants, foxes, animals

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Style Scout: Janelle Jones

Fashion trends you love: I’m pro-wolf shirts. Also, skinny jeans, Aztec print and tights as tights.

Style Scout: Grant Holmes

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Lawrence is my oasis. It’s the perfect mix of everything.

Style Scout: Joelle Zbacnik

Fashion trends you love: Everything! I like bow ties on girls and guys a lot.

Lawrence Laundry: Great ‘gift’ deals abound after Christmas shopping rush

Shoppers should take advantage of post-Christmas deals.

Style Scout: Thomas Rush

Fashion trends you love: Hats that look like animal heads, cowboy boots, 1950s male coiffure, bangs on women

Style Scout: Emma Murano

Fashion trends you hate: Showing too much skin. The shoulder is OK, but belly and back is not.

Lawrence Laundry: Seeking local gifts dispels inner Scrooge

At the risk of sounding overly “Bah! Humbug,” I have to say I don’t like Christmas shopping.

Style Scout: Meredith Moore

Dream job: I think I have it. I work with artists and bring more tasteful things to peoples’ lives.

Style Scout: Chris Millspaugh

Fashion influences: Grandfathers, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck

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Lawrence Laundry: Dress codes decoded

However exciting the holiday season is, holiday parties tend to create a bit of anxiety for partygoers. Undoubtedly, a root of this anxiety — at least for women — is not knowing what to wear.

Style Scout: David Brown

Describe your style: Hippie traditional

Style Scout: Rena Detrixhe

Who do people say you look like? When I was in Korea, the locals said I looked like Natalie Portman.

Style Scout: Solace Naeymi

Fashion trends you love: High-waisted pants, combat boots, red lipstick, cat-eye makeup, menswear like denim and chambray shirts.

Style Scout: David Hattan

Fashion trends you hate: Aztec print and people hanging out in spandex bike wear.

Lawrence Laundry: Winter style for middle-aged women

There is an easy formula to follow when searching for age-appropriate winter clothes.

Style Scout: Monica Restrepo

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I wanted a sweet shop in Lawrence, and now we have one!

Style Scout: Jason Koontz

Tell us a secret … Pets love me.

Lawrence Laundry: Thrifter finds cream of the crop for online shop

Ask those who do it a lot, and they’ll tell you: Thrifting is an art. For Jacque Amadi, it’s also her livelihood.

Style Scout: Kelly Matthews

Tell us a secret … I used to have a Harley.

Style Scout: Bryan Wilcox

Describe your style: Pee-wee Herman with a touch of Rudy Giuliani

Lawrence Laundry: How trends catch on

I’ll be honest with you: To some, fashion seems superficial. It seems inconsequential. It seems, well, kind of pointless. And for some, style might be inconsequential. There are those who choose to express themselves using other methods or art forms. Some use their words; some use their work; some use their homes or cars; most use their actions.

Style Scout: DJ Johnson

Describe your style: A mix between Kid Cudi and my imagination

Style Scout: Bethany Ruder

Tell us a secret … I used to be obsessed with "I Love Lucy," and I wanted to be Lucille Ball.

Style Scout: Jacque Beattie

What were you doing when scouted? Shopping at Brits for a little taste of home.

Style Scout: Zachary Dillon

Describe your style: Rock ‘n’ roll lumberjack

Lawrence Laundry: Style Rookies pursue their passion

Most of the girls in Style Rookies are interested in pursuing fashion (writing, designing, consulting, etc.) as a career, and it became readily apparent that I would be talking to girls who probably knew more about fashion than I did. Very quickly, I realized that though I had come to tell them about my style-writing job and, more broadly, about my personal experience with fashion and style, I would be learning far more from them.

Style Scout: Rhianna Weilert

Fashion influences: Popular graphic and interior design, which I then try to translate into clothes.

Style Scout: Desmond Granger

Tell us a secret … My first CD was Backstreet Boys.

Lawrence Laundry: Fall of the blazer

Try making the transition from tank top to trench coat a bit less drastic by incorporating a blazer, one of this season’s top trends, into your fall outfit.

Style Scout: Brian McBride

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Old timey brothels and opium dens

Style Scout: Rhonda Swade

Describe your style: I’m a thrift shop person, but I’m also not afraid to buy things new.

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Lawrence Laundry: Downtown boot quest

My feet prefer the company of boots over any other encasement in which I could place them. When I find a pair I like, I wear them until the sole is flapping off and super glue no longer adheres to the half-dozen layers of glue previously applied.

Style Scout: Zack McQuiston

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence? Tights as pants. That’s not a thing, girls.

Style Scout: Helen Cruz

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I love bars like the Bottleneck and the Jackpot

Lawrence Laundry: Finding her work-appropriate style

For me, growing up and getting a job in a professional environment meant that I would have to change the way I dressed.

Style Scout: Crystal Willett

Tell us a secret … I have a cookie in my pocket.

Style Scout: Terriss Ford

Fashion influences: I like the black hipster vibe that’s happening right now. I am blipster.

Style Scout: Mike Hearson

Who do people say you look like? Samuel L. Jackson, or an Asian puppy

Style Scout: Huan Rui

Dream job: Chef, scientist, fashion designer