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Review: Mega Man Star Force (DS)

Star Force is simply a glorified rehash of everything from the Battle Network series, with a few very minor differences.

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Review: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (DS)

The bottom line for these latest iterations is that they're really not all that different from the originals, which works both to the game's benefit, but also detracts from the overall experience. If you've somehow missed out on the craze all these years, the Pokemon games are fairly simple RPGs with a heavy emphasis on collecting the titular creatures.

Review: Aedis Eclipse (PSP)

Overall, Aedis Eclipse has a lot of potential, it just gets weighed down under its own sloppy interface and under-explained complexities. Those willing to spend hours learning all of the game's nuances will find a very deep strategy-RPG that should last quite a few hours. Unfortunately, for everyone else, it's just too much.

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Review: Winx - Join the Club (PSP)

I have never seen a game where it has been so transparent that even the developers probably loathed the product they were making. If you have a daughter that is a fan of the series, she probably doesn't need videogames to dumb her down any further.

Review: Pocket Pool (PSP)

In addition to the crappy porn, the game also includes the option to play against friends on a wifi connection. If you have friends that actually want to take advantage of this feature, you probably shouldn't be friends with them.

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Review: ProStroke Golf (PSP)

The career mode, usually the main attraction in games like this, is also poor in its implementation. Your options are limited to playing match after match with little else to do.

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Review: Gundam Crossfire (PS3)

I really can't think of much nice to say about Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, a manga-inspired giant-robot fighting trainwreck of a PS3 game. It reminds me of a 500-pound cousin asking how she looks in her five-sizes-too-small prom dress.

Review: Barnyard (Wii)

Unfortunately, many objectives fall into the fetch quest category, and the long runs required for some of these quests becomes tedious quickly.

Review: Dragonball Z BT2 (Wii)

Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is a game that will appeal mostly to fans of Dragon Ball Z, with its huge cast and expansive story. However, anyone looking for a fun, easy-to-learn fighter would do good to check this out as well.

Review: Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Wii)

Most players can appreciate it for its comedic presentation and interesting weapons and levels, but there's just not enough depth in the gameplay itself to warrant much replay.

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