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Review: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - 360

360 verse: same as the first?

It's neither revolutionary nor an Xbox360 exclusive but that will not keep it from being one of the most played Xbox Live games. It will survive because the multiplayer is deep and addicting. The quality PC-born shooter series thankfully translates well to the 360.

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Review: The Outfit - 360

Same boring genre action or something a little new?

THQ and Relic deserve credit for taking a chance to create a new IP based on a new gameplay mechanic and for moderately succeeding. The Outfit is great for those who can survive frustrating vehicles and want to put the time in to mine the depths of the gameplay.

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Review: The Godfather - PS2, Xbox

Puzo didn't want his name on it - would you?

Though this game is flawed, it does many things right it stays true to the source, adds relevant new story elements, has a fairly large amount of content and most importantly is generally fun to play. Too bad EA didn't choose a less constricting source because future iterations could easily improve on this start.

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Review: Driver: Parallel Lines - PS2, Xbox

It's time to return to the qualities that got you here

In the wake of such a dismal game as Driv3r it would have been easy for Atari or Reflections Interactive to throw in the towel and drop the Driver series, but thankfully they did not. With this new iteration they have resurrected the old controls and breathed new life into the series.

Review: Mario Tennis Power Tour - GBA

Another ace for the sports/RPG hybrid

Power Tour offers up a great option for the handheld sports fan it provides solid tennis action, bunches of entertaining mini-games, unlockable characters, singles or doubles matches and even supports multiplayer matches.

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Review: Kameo - 360

Has Rare returned to its throne?

Few games can boast a development history like Kameo's; it has been scheduled for release on three different consoles. Kameo was originally slated to be a premier title for the Nintendo Gamecube, however, when Microsoft purchased Rare in 2002 the title became an Xbox exclusive. Yet, again a change was made and Kameo was pushed back to be a launch title for the Xbox 360. Ideally after all this time the game would be flawless, but unfortunately that isn't the case.

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Review: Project Gotham Racing 3 - 360

The superb racer arrives in full next-gen glory

Anyone that owns an Xbox 360 should play Project Gotham Racing 3. This game demonstrates the power of the system with amazing visuals, audio, a plethora of gameplay options, solid controls, cool photo mode, Geometry Wars demos and the most solid online racing to date. This game will be a defining title for the Xbox 360 for a long time to come.

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Review: NBA Live 2006 - 360

A pretty face with a silly pace

At first glance the game seems to have a boat load of promise with the new loading and menu setup and the amazing character models; but it does not pan out that way. In the end there is very little here to play, only a single season, single online matches, and the addicting practice arena.

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Review: FIFA 2006 - 360

Better visuals can't overshadow shoddy gameplay

FIFA for 360 sports improved visuals, improved animations, handicapped computer players, no lasting off-line play and missing controls. If this game had been just a port of the current generation's FIFA game it would have been exponentially better than what was delivered.

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Review: Call of Duty 2: Big Red One PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

Scripted events prove to be immersive

Big Red One succeeds. It presents the player with a rich story mode, tasteful graphics and sound, and a multiplayer element that isn't the best but holds its own due to quality level design and weapon balance. This game may not completely steal you away from your favorite game, but it will provide a great respite until the Xbox360 releases.

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