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Raising (Old) Canes

Chris Crisci returns from the basement to deliver long-awaited Feral Harmonic

Is it really already October? For many of us, 2009 may have gone hastily by without leaving much to show for it — but we can’t all be Chris Crisci. We can’t all release two albums through two different bands, all while raising a new baby. Show off...

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Designer, interrupted

After a two-year wait, ‘Project Runway’ finally airs again — this time featuring KC designer Ari Fish

KC’s Ari Fish was one of the 16 designers who long ago taped season 6 of Project Runway, and has just had to wait — and wait — for it to see the light of day. The wait is about to come to an end though, as the first episode finally airs Thursday...

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A Port in the Storm

Bringing together community, environment and entrepreneurship in the recession

A Lawrencian and Kansas Citian by way of Israel have managed to blend enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, the environment, and sense of a community’s creativity into a promising business amid the relentless recession...

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Wrong Said Fred

Pro-Gay March Sets its Sights on Fred Phelps’ Hometown

Named to reclaim the “f word” from the Phelps family and its infamous “God Hates Fags” signs, organizers of the Million Fag March say they are challenging the type of intolerance that the Phelps' church epitomizes...

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Don’t Adjust Your Antenna

KC’s Antennas Up puts their nerdiness to the test

We often forget that not all nerds are created equal. Luckily, the Kansas City band Antennas Up is here to set everyone straight.

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He Who Smelt It, Drew It

Artist and Lawrence ex-pat Travis Millard returns with some fresh fudge

Although he’s called L.A. home since 2001, Travis Millard's work is still strewn about town—perhaps mostly prominently on the back porch of the Replay—usually signed “tm2.” Millard returns to Lawrence this week for two engagements.

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Fresh Fish

This local clothing designer may not be familiar to you... yet. But she will be very soon—just trust us.

Despite outweighing his owner, Ari Fish's giant dog quickly blends in to the designer's home and workspace—in a way not unlike her ability to incorporate big, disassociated ideas into her clothing design. As Tim Gunn might say, she makes it work.

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O Christmas Free

Recession-proof party plans

With the economy in a seemingly endless nosedive, many holiday parties are being scaled back or simply canceled. Even Vanity Fair is planning to tone down its standard-setting Oscar bash. In light of all the news, whatever is a humble holiday house party (and its broke hosts) to do?

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Whoop Dee Doo!

Nutty faux TV show merges diverse communities in the name of fun and dance

Flip on the TV anymore and much that is flashed back is grim: war and death, crashing economies and lost jobs, drowning polar bears-it's enough to bring anyone down. What if the sights that greeted you were instead things like a fun-loving giant box of French fries trying to cheer up a sullen werewolf? Or some dancing grannies and a gospel choir that's lovin' life so much it hurts? That's the stuff of Whoop Dee Doo, Kansas City's imaginary-but real!-television show.

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Pop Vacation

Another Holiday Finds Itself in a Clean Sound

We all change, but it's a rare that a musician completely abandons a style for something totally different. These days, Another Holiday's earnest, simple melodies, and signature female vocals call to mind early Rilo Kiley-without a trace of the formative ska origins of most the band.

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