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Boomer Girl Diary: The perils of pop-ins

My dad’s been gone for over three years now, but each Father’s Day, while bittersweet, gets a little easier to take. Especially when I focus on one of my favorite Dad stories, like this one.

Boomer Girl Diary: Wretched wabbits

Hating bunnies. Is there a faster, more direct, one-way ticket to Hell than that?

Boomer Girl Diary: Roman Holiday

Cathy and her husband took a trip to Italy, complete with special guest stars the pope and the travel expert whose books helped them prepare for the trip.

Boomer Girl Diary: IQ is just a number

Ever since learning her IQ in 1972, Cathy Hamilton has clung to the number like a life preserver in an ocean of daily embarrassment.

Boomer Girl Diary: Bachelorette party confidential

Before Cathy can celebrate her mother's bachelorette party (you read that right), her sisters have something she needs to sign.

Boomer Girl Diary: Getting a grip

Honing the lost art of bladder control.

Boomer Girl Diary: Humiliation insurance

I come by my aversion to the insurance industry honestly. I was force-fed the concept of risk management at an early age.

Boomer Girl Diary: Bring on the senior discounts

I am so down with the discounts-for-50-somethings philosophy, I think everyone should offer them.

Power playlists: Here are some song suggestions to get you in the mood to work out

Staying motivated while trotting on the treadmill can be an uphill battle. To spur them on, many local exercise enthusiasts use a secret weapon — customized workout playlists.

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Tonganoxie clothier's success story began with birthday gift for her mother

From their unassuming headquarters on Canaan Farm in Tonganoxie, Peruvian Connection has clothed women for almost 35 years in luxurious natural fibers from the Andes Mountains and around the world.

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