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Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (360)

This series has gone by many names around the world and on various consoles, but its signature quality gameplay has tied them all together over the past 13 years.

Review: Civilization IV Warlords

Six new civilizations have been added to the already extensive lineup, including the Carthaginians, Koreans, Vikings, Celts, Ottomans and finally the venerable Zulu. Each new civilization also received their own unique units and leaders, just as they're counterparts have.

Review: Monster House (GBA)

While the game is not so childish that an adult couldn't play it, it is still a children's game and only a child could see past this game's flaws enough to be able to actually enjoy it.

Review: The Movies: Stunts & Effects (PC)

The new "Stunts and Effects" expansion pack seeks to expand the palate of available options and tools beyond the already extensive collection that the original game offered. The package certainly accomplishes that feat, but fails to fix the more pressing problems for which fans have been waiting.

Review: Rise and Fall (PC)

Rise and Fall is a perfect example of a game that dreamed big but failed to execute properly. A lot of this was probably due to time and budget constraints, as is all too often the case with a lot of these "me too!" PC copycats.

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E3: Super Mario Galaxy - Wii

Our impressions of Nintendo's flagship plumber on the revolutionary console

The very first time I laid my hands on the Wii controller, it was to play Super Mario Galaxy. Immediately upon picking up the "wand" and "nunchuck," however, any minor degree of skepticism I might have had was immediately dispelled. I have absolutely no doubts that Super Mario Galaxy will be ranked amongst the great Mario games of all time.

E3: Warhawk - PS3

How does Sony's motion controller function perform?

Unless things change between now and the launch of the PS3, this game is definitely not a good reason to cough up $600+ for a PS3.

E3: Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3

The FPS hopes to make waves on Sony's new console

The games control's were noticeably sluggish, the weapons rather generic, piss poor A.I. and while the graphics looked pretty good on the 50 ft. screen, it was much less impressive up close.

E3: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wii

Now a full Wii launch title, how does it translate to the wand?

Swordfights are as entertaining as ever and are helped by Link's spin attack being performed by spinning the controller in a circle. This is the game that we've been waiting for since 1998. This is the true spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time.

E3: Gears of War - 360

Does it live up to the hype?

I'll admit to having some skepticism about this title going into E3. I remember hearing hype about it ever since the terrible MTV unveiling of the 360. But now Gears of War has quickly jumped to the top of my "must have" games list for the Xbox 360.

Review: Pokemon Trozei - DS

A shallow puzzler or hidden gem?

Trozei is clearly an example of a big-money franchise being inserted into a completely un-related game formula for the purpose of selling a few thousand additional copies.

Review: Worms: Open Warfare - DS

How does the classic translate to the touch screen?

Fans of the series will be the most disappointed with this game, but are likely to be the only ones who might enjoy it as well. Quite honestly, you'd have to be a fan of the series to really enjoy Open Warfare and even then I imagine the interest would be fleeting at best.

Review: Age of Empires: Age of Kings - DS

Forging new ground or odd copycat?

The real shame here is that it has to go head to head with the king of handheld strategy games: Advance Wars. Age of Kings certainly does a good job of competing with AW, but ultimately is unable to top it.

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Review: Ridge Racer 6 - 360

Ho-hum effort barely worth a rental

It is not a revolution or even much of an evolution of the series, it's just another (better looking) Ridge Racer game. While this is an arcade racer, the ridiculous drifting is just too much and its lack of vehicular damage, especially when Burnout and other racers have long since perfected the concept, is somewhat embarrassing.

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Review: Sid Meier's Civilization IV - PC

Building new worlds reaches new heights

Well, Civilization may not have been broken prior to Civ IV but I sure can't complain about how they went about fixing it. There is a reason why Sid Meier likes to attach his name to his products in such a bold way and by now we should all know why. Truly, "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" is yet another masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Review: Age of Empires III - PC

It certainly aged well, but has the same wrinkles

Other than having some of the standard problems that most RTS games struggle with, I found myself reasonably pleased with this effort but slightly disappointed in knowing that they could have done so much more that could have made this the new standard in good RTS gaming.

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Review: Black & White 2 - PC

Slightly more linear than the first, but still good god-fun

Peter Molyneux will tell you, as many developers might, that he does not really like making sequels. And it shows. But even this average sequel to the incredibly well designed Black & White will still manage to impress the masses.

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Review: Pac 'n Roll - DS

If Pac-Man met Sonic Adventure...

Pac 'n Roll is much more of an interesting twist on the original "Pac-Man" and "Mrs. Pac-Man" games than it is a whole new game concept. The game is similar to the Super Monkey Ball series in that the idea is to roll a ball around 3D levels, collecting items and reaching the goal, but their two game concepts are actually pretty different.