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Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Lawrence artist Kristen Ferrell's study of duality and paradox

Kristen Ferrell's art is a clash of oppositions. The Lawrence artist's pieces consist of innocent, almost cute images - but with ironic, often grotesque contortions that could only speak to the most cynical viewers. In short, Ferrell's art evokes her generation's coming of age.

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Holding on to Kansas

Artist Justin Marable reminds viewers of vanishing history

Justin Marable knows Kansas rural life first-hand, having grown up in Robinson - a town of 200 about 70 miles north of Lawrence - where not even a bank remains today. Now 22 and having lived in Lawrence for four years, he returns home with an appreciation of the landmarks of rural life. To Marable - a younger brother of Aaron Marable - these symbols of home are something remarkable, uncluttered and have a story to tell.

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