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Style Off the Cuff: Thrifting For Guys

As I got into the clothing industry, both as a consumer and on the retail and manufacturing sides, it took a serious toll on my finances.

Style Off the Cuff: Seasonal staples can be repurposed

A pair of slip-on shoes that can be dressed up or down. I prefer something like leather Sperry Top-Siders or, as of late, leather-soled loafers like Bass Weejuns. These are shoes that work both thoughtfully dressed up for a summer wedding, or tossed on to go to a barbecue or farmers’ market. Check out Foxtrot and Urban Outfitters in downtown Lawrence for a nicely curated collection of spring shoes.

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Style Off the Cuff: Heritage revival brings back classic fit, construction

Last month I talked about traditional style and the resurgence of a classic, Americana style. While many would argue (correctly) that such style and focus on quality American manufacturing never stopped being relevant, it has undeniably made a mainstream resurgence over the past several years.

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Style Off the Cuff: Current trends rooted in history

There is a certain frugality, both monetarily and aesthetically, to buying based on quality and tradition. Clothing that is made well, with the right fabrics, is simply going to last longer. Colors and fabrics that work well together are always going to make sense. Suits that fit your body and are flattering to your figure (yeah, this is important for guys as well as it is ladies) are always going to look good.

Style Off the Cuff: Convention vs. Creativity

There are a necessary two sides to every argument. As men’s style continues to evolve out of its marginalized niche and into the mainstream consciousness, there are an obvious two parties of thought.

Style Off the Cuff: Men's winter wardrobe relies on staples

The key for guys when it comes to a winter wardrobe is investing in staples. Winter is my favorite time of year when it comes to getting dressed for a couple of reasons.

Style Off the Cuff: Unlocking the secrets to men's fashion

My name is David, and I sell clothes. But let’s get one thing straight: I am not a fashion guy. I am as baffled by the runway as I am by a silent film or a French restaurant upon first visit. And while I can be caught watching “Project Runway” with my wife, you would be hard-pressed to get me out of my favorite pair of jeans.

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