Ed Demasio

Style Scout reporter

Ed Demasio is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and lawrence.com.

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Style Scout: Greyson Honaker

Dream job: To publish books and not have to do real work ever.

Style Scout: Rebekah Taussig

Tell us a secret: I use swear words more than anybody would know. I hope my sweet mother doesn’t read this!

Style Scout: Jenny Parker

Fashion trends you love: I like the high-wasted thing and the bohemian type of feel because it goes with my current style now.

Style Scout: Tristin Hogan

Tell us a secret: Ever since I watched the movie "Congo," I’m afraid of gorillas.

Style Scout: Mitchell Wolf

Describe your style: I’d say it’s a little bit eccentric. It’s very me. I don’t like to dress like the norm. I’m pretty laid back.

Style Scout: Rachael Hampton

Tell us a secret: I like to read vampire romance novels.

Style Scout: Brittany Lichty

Describe your style: I love hats! I’d love to rock a hat every day, including in the classroom if I could get away with it.

Style Scout: Tim Tanis

Whom do people say you look like? I’ve never got anybody. How about Leonardo DiCaprio? That’ll be the day!

Style Scout: Jordan K. Dimond

Fashion trends you hate: Cover up! I don’t like seeing people’s private parts hanging out. Looking presentable, instead of trashy, is key.

Style Scout: Garrett Rathbone

Fashion influences: Mainly skateboard culture. A lot of skateboard companies make fantastic clothing. They’re usually well-made and stylish.

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