Eric Melin

Eric Melin is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and He writes the Scene Stealers blog.

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Spring film releases have summer feel

As the summer movie season becomes more and more crowded, Hollywood’s tentpole movies have started crowding into the spring.

'Jayhawkers' brings a legend back to life

Film tells story of how Wilt Chamberlain changed Lawrence on and off court

Broad, sweeping biographical films that try to sum up a person’s entire life in two hours rarely ever get it right. That’s why the best thing that happened to Kevin Willmott’s movie “Jayhawkers” was not being able to raise the $12 million dollars they needed.

The alternative Oscars

Awarding the best, worst and weirdest achievements in film

In the spirit of awards season, and after some serious reflection on the past year in films, I’d like to present my own particularly dubious set of awards: the Alternative Oscars, if you will. And the winners are … (Warning: Some light spoilers ahead.) By Eric Melin

Eric Melin's 10 best movies of 2013

2013 was an embarrassment of film riches, and the best movies of the year are all over the place in terms of budget, scope, genre and style.

Fall movie preview: Plenty of buzz surrounds upcoming releases

Never fear, Oscar is here, and this fall’s lineup of award hopefuls and risky independent cinema is enough to get any film fan excited. Here’s a look at what’s ahead for the remainder of 2013:

World air guitar champ returns home with rock star status

Lawrence's Eric Melin, aka "Mean Melin," recounts winning the Air Guitar World Championships and how his return home was "pretty much the best moment ever."

For air guitarist, ‘666’ a good sign of face meltings to come

In the world of competitive air guitar, "666" is more than just the devil’s number — it’s a perfect score.

Comedian Doug Benson loves to hate on movies

Comedian Doug Benson loves movies and loves to make fun of movies.

Area talent bands together to make miniseries

Recent Free State High School graduate Grace X. Oliver has spent her summer writing, planning, casting, filming and editing her own TV miniseries — with no budget.

KU grad goes from on-set medic to filmmaker

For Kasi Brown, a Kansas University theater and film graduate, on-set experience managing chaos in Los Angeles as an EMT has uniquely prepared her for her biggest challenge: Making a feature film.

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