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Lawrence's Original Weirdo

Hugh Cameron: Tree Hermit, Philosopher, and Civil War Veteran

Long before William S. Burroughs, and way before the That’s My Dillions guy, or the Mumbler, or Dennis, or any of town’s other widely recognized characters—Lawrence had a character who will top them all forever in the annals of eccentric lore: Gen. Hugh Cameron.

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BMXers crash campus (legally!), a sign of the sport's persistent popularity

On May 2, a mildly historic event will take place. BMX freestylers, a scourge for many a year to the KU campus along with their skateboarding and rollerblading brethren, will grind away without hassle from the fuzz...

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It’s National Poetry Month, and it’s your civic duty to write and read and think all the poetry you can before the month is through.

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Student art opening at the Spencer imagines the meeting of nature and technology

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Hope is the new fear

We’ve all heard the saying “uncertainty breeds fear.” What’s more uncertain than a crisis that the vast majority of Americans—even the most informed among us—finds difficult to grasp? Lucky for you, Joe Sixpack, we enlisted the most hopeful dude out there to give us some answers.

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Used to Be

The sound and the fury of the life of Kirk Rundstrom

For someone who died two years ago, Kirk Rundstrom has had a hard time exiting the limelight.

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The Reconstruction Will Not Be Televised

Unraveling Lawrence’s most explosive underground newspaper, 40 years later

Forty years ago this month, a group of Lawrence radicals published the first issue of what has to be Lawrence’s most incendiary newspaper to date.

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Can you spare some CHANGE?

Lawrencians’ 2 cents on "hope" and all that we heap on Obama

What some everyday Joe Six-Packs we yanked off the street had to say about the inauguration of Barack Obama...

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Stitch & Bitch

It’s not just for 5-year-olds (or 85-year-olds) anymore!

Knitting! Crochet! Crafts!!! For a few years now this has been the big trend, sweeping the nation, taking places by storm, et cetera.

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Iraq Chalk Jayhawk

A local soldier's perspective on waste and progress in the war

A few weeks ago our man in Baghdad, Paul VanCleave, returned to Lawrence after his second tour of duty with the Kansas Army National Guard. We caught up with him before he ships out again to talk about the insanity of the war, and then some...

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