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Review: Tales of Phantasia - GBA

The classic port is still a so-so go

I enjoyed my time with ToP even thought it's not without flaws. Luckily the good aspects of the game outshine the bad ones. The great presentation and open endedness of the adventure make this title worth a look for any RPG fan.

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Review: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - PS2, Xbox

Does the final edition redeem the series?

Prince of Persia is a highly entertaining trilogy and ends on a great note with The Two Thrones. You can tell Ubisoft wanted a fusion between Sands of Time and Warriors Within and this is exactly what they got. The boss battles are innovative and the new addition of Speed Kills keeps the platforming action continuous. Kudos Ubisoft, you have done well.

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Review: Dragon Quest VIII - PS2

The heralded series returns in full force

Dragon Quest VIII boasts great battles, excellent visual style, and a freshness the series has been longing for. The game is long and takes quite a bit of effort to complete. While this is great news for the hardcore, the casual RPG fans might get sick before they leave the first continent.

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Review: Sonic Rush - DS

Great Sonic fun arrives on two screens

Sonic Rush lives up to the Sonic history and some have labeled the best 2-D Sonic ever. While this is debatable, the bottom line is that Sonic Rush is an amazing Sonic title that old school gamers and new school gamers should not miss out on.

Review: Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team - DS

More of the same...again...for the fifth time

Imagine an actual online battle arena much like the one found in game. You can fight whoever you come across all wirelessly online. Again, the series as done the right thing by moving to the DS, it's just a matter of taking advantage of it.

Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga I & II - PS2

A great answer for the lack of good 2005 RPGs

DS is thoroughly enjoyable and anyone who is looking to get that RPG fix that has been missing this year should definitely not pass on this.

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Review: Fatal Frame III - PS2

Third time's a charm?

FFIII definitely has its negatives but easily makes up for it with the story and artistic visuals. Even though the game progresses a bit slower than I would like, the pacing seems to be decent enough not to frustrate.

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Review: Samurai Western - PS2

Nice idea, anyway

SW seemed to be a great combination of two different cultures and worlds, but it turns out the actual combination is bland gameplay with a horrid camera. Combine disappointing visuals and SW is a title that doesn't feel complete; you're left wondering only what could have been.

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Review: Blitz: The League - PS2, Xbox

Does the first non-NFL professional football entry make the cut?

The game is stunning when it comes to gameplay. Players are smooth and have a glossy shine. The framerate holds up well too. If there's one thing Blitz does great is how it presents the action to you. They do a good job of zooming in and giving you great angles of big hits and spectacular plays. It's a nice change of pace from the regular simulation view.

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Review: The Sims 2 - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

Another great round of virtual life

This Sims is a great sequel to follow up the first console version as it's packed with more items, better visuals, and with the return of the infamous blurry shower. Welcome to a true virtual life.

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