Jennifer Oldridge

Jennifer Oldridge, a Kansas University graduate, is an avid gardener who previously operated a landscaping business.

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Sustainable style

Gardening, fashion meet in chic collision

Whether you hear it being called eco couture, eco fashion, agricouture, ground-up fashion or just plain earth-friendly clothing, the hot trend is threads that tread lightly. They might be recycled, grown from organic plants or even materials you'd never dreamed would be comfortable clothing alternatives, but the world of fashion and the world of the gardener are joining hands to prove that sustainability is more than just smart. It also is chic.

Down on the farm

Tour sheds light on workings of disappearing family grange

I believe in the family farm. In fact, I think we should buy as many foods as possible within a 100-mile radius of our homes.

Feeling the flow

Tranquil sights, sounds make Water Garden Tour a peaceful destination for this weekend

For my sneak peek of Lawrence's annual water garden tour, owners at two sites were kind enough to open their doors for a preview.

Growing together

Lawrence touts strong crop of community gardens

Community gardens seem to be popping up all across Lawrence. Green thumbs are taking control of unused green spaces and transforming them from drab, generally weed-infested bits of land to plots that produce a bounty of healthy harvests to nourish hungry bellies.

Author to discuss Kansas wildflowers

Michael Haddock grew up in north-central Kansas in the small town of Beloit, and he gravitated toward the Kansas landscape as a young boy farming with his father.

Pet peeves

Gardeners can win battle between four-legged friends and victimized flowerbeds

Man's best friend? Some gardeners might disagree. How to keep our pets happy and those prized peonies not looking like Fido's personal featherbed can be a real challenge. How do we keep our canine companions from tiptoeing through the tulips, or our feline friends from using the daffodils as a favorite spot to defecate?

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