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Remnant Rehab: Create cards that pop

You can choose from any number of pre-made valentines at the store, but to put a personal touch on them, why not have kids make their own? Add some pizzazz with pop-up cards this year.

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Remnant Rehab: Shop for local handmade gifts

If you didn’t get around to making all the gifts you wanted this year, you can still give handmade gifts — just not made by you.

Remnant Rehab: Readers share gift ideas

Earlier this month, I exhorted you crafters to get the ball rolling if you planned to make gifts for the holidays. But don’t worry — there’s still time.

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Remnant Rehab: Handmade holidays

Planning to make gifts this year? Start now (if you haven’t already)

Believe it or not, Christmas is only a month and a half away. If you’re planning to give handmade gifts, it’s time to get started — if you haven’t already.

Ghost tours hunt Lawrence spectres

Spirit-seekers can try a ghost tour or attend a seminar to learn about Lawrence's ghosts.

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Jack-o'-lantern alternatives: Pumpkin decorating tutorials

For a cleaner and longer-lasting alternative to jack-o'-lanterns, there are endless no-carve options, from basic to blingy. Go! scoured Pinterest boards and magazine websites and picked a few of our favorite ideas to make and share.

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Remnant Rehab: Dapper dog bow tie

If every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man, you can imagine how gaga they’d go for a sharp-dressed dog. This Halloween, make your classy canine a bow tie.

Remnant Rehab: Use scraps to make baby washcloths

Baby washcloths are an ideal scrap-buster. The size can vary, depending on how much fabric you have. You can mix and match fabrics. And they don’t take long at all.

Remnant Rehab: Baby blanket — bingo!

With a baby shower coming up, I checked out the future parents’ registry to see what they were looking for. When I saw the blankets with the little hood in the corner, I figured I could make one.

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Remnant Rehab: Alterations breathe new life into vintage dress

A vintage dress with a great polka dot pattern was reformed of its matronly ways with a few simple cuts and hems.

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Remnant Rehab: Cat toy encourages playtime

As we talked about the issue of overweight pets, which is the topic of our Go! cover story, I wondered how a cat owner could entice their cat to be more active.

Enter your photos in Pet Post Idol contest

Think you have the best-looking pet in town? Put it to a vote.

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Remnant Rehab: Make your own lawn game

I was looking for a game to make for a recent backyard party. What I wanted to make was skee ball, but after coming up with a couple of sketches, it seemed like it would be too much sawing for my skill level.

Remnant Rehab: Cheaply frame fabric art

At an estate sale in Topeka, I found some paintings on fabric that I thought were interesting enough to take home with me. The more delicate ones are on silk; the one I mounted for this column is on a synthetic fabric.

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Remnant Rehab: Try a flirty bubble hem dress for prom

There are two occasions that almost any woman encounters requiring expensive dresses — weddings and prom.

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Remnant Rehab: Save a sentimental T-shirt as a pillow

We all have loads of T-shirts, don’t we?

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Remnant Rehab: provides prints for easy-to-finish tea towels

Spoonflower is a site that allows users to design their own fabric. Upload a design, decide your size and repeat, and select from their fabric options, which range from Kona cotton to organic cotton knit to upholstery-weight twill to silk crepe de chine.

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Remnant Rehab: Shadow box project puts jewelry on display

To keep some of my prettiest necklaces from getting dusty, I keep them in a tray in a drawer. It seemed like such a waste of their beauty to keep them hidden away, so I created a shadow box jewelry holder that can show them off while still keeping them dust-free.

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Remnant Rehab: Making an infinity scarf takes merely a finite block of time

It seems like everywhere I have gone this winter, I’ve seen infinity scarves. I have a lot of scarves, but this continuous loop of fabric was one kind that I lacked. Most infinity scarves I’ve seen have been either knitted or made of jersey material. One day, I got the idea to make one with lace. This one still has some fullness to it, but the lace also adds an airiness.

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Printable Valentines from Go!

Download and print these free Go! valentines.

Remnant Rehab: 'Babies ain't free' cross-stitch offers dose of reality

In college, my cousin Leanne came to visit me in Lawrence. During her time here, we happened to see a commercial for that stuck with both of us. In the commercial, a guy is on stage ranting and ends with, “Some of ya gonna have to work two jobs — ‘cause babies ain’t free.”

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Remnant Rehab: House divided onesies

Santa’s gone, and now Baby New Year is coming to town. In his honor, I created baby onesies for a house divided.

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Remnant Rehab: Homemade handwarmers a hot gift idea

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through a catalog with lots of gift ideas. I saw a pair of hand warmers and flagged the page. I definitely wanted some for my always-cold hands.

Holiday chatter: Suggestions to start, stop, deflect or lighten up holiday small talk

Holiday time often means family time. It may involve family members or in-laws you don’t see very often, which can lead to awkward conversation. We came up with some scenarios to lighten the mood, get the ball rolling or stop an unpleasant line of questioning in its tracks.

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Remnant Rehab: Re-cover style on tired dining chairs

Perhaps your dining chairs have seen better days. Or you had to pick up some at a garage sale that don’t match the others just so you would have enough. There’s an easy fix for all of this, assuming you have the fairly standard wooden chairs with a removable seat: re-cover them.

Remnant Rehab: Trick-or-treat tote

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, my mom would give me a tote bag or one of those pumpkin buckets.

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Remnant Rehab: Vintage quilt blocks inspiration for lined bag

This project has been a long time coming. I started it at least three years ago, got stumped and left it sitting in a box. I decided it was about time to revisit it.

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Remnant Rehab: Floor pillow makes great addition to dorm room

In the midst of moving weekend, I saw plenty of chairs and couches near the trash. I wondered, where will these people sit now?

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Remnant Rehab: Make your own chain necklace for a night out

On the eve of one of my rare Saturday nights off, I decided to make myself a new necklace to wear out on the town.

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Remnant Rehab: Itty-bitty purse just right for shopping sales

I recently informed my cousin on a shopping trip that there’s no such thing as too many purses.

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Remnant Rehab: Shoe bag perfect for traveling dads

MY dad travels a lot for his job, and he goes all over the world. He has packing down to a science. For Father’s Day, I made him a shoe bag for his suitcase.

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Remnant Rehab: Sew up your shopping bag needs

I decided a reusable, vinyl-lined bag would suit my grocery-shopping needs and be easy to clean.

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Remnant Rehab: Pincushion good for some royally awesome sewing projects

I’ve seen ads for all kinds of replicas of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring — $19.90, $39, $1,500. But I bypassed these options and made my own.

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Remnant Rehab: Revamp a sweater clip

Sweater clips are meant to keep a cardigan on when a woman is wearing it over her shoulders.

Remnant Rehab: Patchwork bag makes use of charm squares

I have managed to collect a number of 5-inch charm squares. I don’t know why they are called charm squares, but I find a lot of the patterns I have charming. So I came up with a quick patchwork project to put them to use.

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Remnant Rehab: Retool your denims into skinny-leg jeans

A friend of mine recently asked if I could alter a pair of jeans for him. They were too long, and if I was going to be working on them, he wanted to see if they could be made into skinny-leg jeans rather than straight leg.

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Remnant Rehab: Scarf brightens winter uniform

I decided to mix it up with a lively, easy scarf that I can wear with or without my coat.

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Remnant Rehab: Bring your hostess gift in a homemade bag

Make one of these wine bags before you head to a holiday party to impress your hostess — it’s a lot more festive than the paper bag they give you at the liquor store.

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Remnant Rehab: A 30-minute apron for you to whip up before the holidays

The holidays are almost here, and with them come a lot of cooking and baking. Before you get started, take half an hour to whip up an apron that will keep your ingredients off your clothes.

No need to knit to create warm winter scarf

Hello, my name is Katie, and I’m addicted to fabric remnants.

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Gift guide for the picky teenager

We wanted to know what teens have on their wish lists, and a noncommittal shrug wouldn't do. So with a little bit of pressing, we got the answers parents are looking for from members of Angle, the J-W's teen advisory board. And we broke it down for budgets of all sizes...