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E3: Too Human - 360

Silicon Knight's long-awaited epic looks awesome behind closed doors

With strong philosophical and moral themes underlining the awesome combat and story to Too Human, this is definitely one of the games that I will watch the progress on very closely.

E3: Warhawk - PS3

How does Sony's motion controller function perform?

Unless things change between now and the launch of the PS3, this game is definitely not a good reason to cough up $600+ for a PS3.

E3: Lost Planet - 360

One of Capcom's strongest showings

The firefights are fast and frantic, and explosions are extremely satisfying when you cause one.

E3: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wii

Now a full Wii launch title, how does it translate to the wand?

Swordfights are as entertaining as ever and are helped by Link's spin attack being performed by spinning the controller in a circle. This is the game that we've been waiting for since 1998. This is the true spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time.

E3: Gears of War - 360

Does it live up to the hype?

I'll admit to having some skepticism about this title going into E3. I remember hearing hype about it ever since the terrible MTV unveiling of the 360. But now Gears of War has quickly jumped to the top of my "must have" games list for the Xbox 360.

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Review: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 360

Hands down the defining RPG for the Xbox 360

If you have a 360 and even a remote interest in RPGs, you simply must play Oblivion. Between the engaging combat and the sheer size and scope of the game, players will be ensnared by its charm and beauty for weeks, if not months. Oblivion is one of the best RPGs to come out in years on any system, and one that will definitely have gamers enthralled for quite a while.

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Review: Peter Jackson's King Kong - 360

King of the Xbox 360 jungle

The dynamic duo of Peter Jackson and Michel Ancel did a wonderful job of making an exciting and fun game out of what potentially could be the blockbuster hit of the holiday season at the box office this year. Between the impressive visuals and the immersive gameplay, players will definitely have a fun romp through Skull Island.

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Review: Amped 3 - 360

Fun snowboarding if you can get passed the presentation

Amped 3 is a very competent, solid and fun "realistic" snowboarding game. However, the bad jokes and lame writing really detract from the greatness. You'll never run out of things to do with this game between all of the challenges and the extra missions, so you won't really miss the multiplayer all that much.

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Review: NBA 2K6 - 360

A facelift, sure, but gameplay remains consistent

While the player models look great, it seems like the coaches and fans in the arenas were just ported over from the Xbox and PS2 versions of the game, and there really is no real innovation or evolution of the control scheme or gameplay from the previous versions, either.

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Review: NHL 2K6 - 360

Not much of a facelift to grace the next-gen machine

While it's not a bad hockey game by any stretch of the imagination, NHL 2K6 just leaves much to be desired from a hockey fan that wants a true next-gen experience. You're almost better off just getting the Xbox version of NHL 2K6 and waiting for NHL 2K7 on Xbox 360.

Review: Star Wars: Battlefront - PS2, Xbox

Is the Force strong with this one?

The single-player game seems like an afterthought, and really hurts what could have been the defining game in the Star Wars universe. However, Battlefront is an extremely fun online experience.