Kim Callahan

Assistant Managing Editor

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I've worked at the Journal-World since 1999, most recently as daytime copy editor. Before that, I worked nights as the copy chief, an assistant news editor, and a copy editor. I have degrees from KU in law, English, philosophy and journalism, and I've taught Multimedia Editing there since 2000.

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Author Margaret Atwood delights packed house with reflections both serious and silly

As many guest speakers in Kansas do, Margaret Atwood began her much-anticipated speech with an allusion to “The Wizard of Oz.” Only this time it wasn’t something the 1,100 Kansans in the room had heard a million times before. This time it was a query, not a cliché. And it elicited genuine — not merely polite — laughter. By Kim Callahan

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Holiday honoring working people finds a few with unique passions

Richard Renner would prefer not to eat fire, but "I'll do it if I have to," he says.

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