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Laura Berger

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Director moves from Kansas to 'Madagascar'

As a child growing up in Prairie Village, Eric Darnell woke at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings even though the cartoons didn't start for another half hour. He sat with a bowl of Cheerios watching "Farm Report," eagerly awaiting the animated toons. Now his childhood love of cartoons has led to a career as an animation director.

Sudanese 'Lost Boy' finds new life in suburban Kansas

Peter Nyarol Dut has a mattress to sleep on, a cell phone, a car, a job and is continuing his education. If you ask the surviving members of his Dinka tribe in Sudan, he is living the American Dream.

Lawrence bounty hunters value their 'Family Bonds'

"You guys are good -- that didn't even take 24 hours," says the mechanic who missed his court date and was apprehended at work by bounty hunters Brock Robson, 20 and Gerard Kleinsmith, 38.