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Home base :: Nationally renown baseball expert Bill James is right at home in Lawrence

The baseball world looks to guru Bill James for answers. That means looking to Lawrence, Kansas. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

Review :: Super Furry Animals at The Granada, 2.20.04

During the Super Furry Animals' concert Friday at The Grenada, the Welsh band played "The International Langauge of Screaming," appropriate since the band's set proved the international language of art.

Review :: Danger Bob as The Mollyphonic Spree

Bottleneck, Dec. 27, 2003

It was audacious, outrageous and preposterous -- and, somehow, it worked. Local rockers Danger Bob and 16 friends pulled off the most elaborate live spectacle of recent memory Saturday at The Bottleneck, performing as The Mollyphonic Spree.

'Choral pop train wreck'

'The Mollyphonic Spree' aims for ambitious parody of cult ensemble

Successfully replicating the sound of the 20-plus member Polyphonic Spree, a self-described "choral symphonic pop band" from Texas featuring horns, multiple keyboards and at least five forms of percussion, is a task few bands would attempt. In fact, local artists Danger Bob -- and 17 or so friends -- may be the only member of that select group.

Polyphonic Spree shines at Liberty Hall

Tim DeLaughter's last band, Trippy Daisy, always seemed to be hinting at a level of pop majesty to which it could never quite ascend.

Review :: Polyphonic Spree at Liberty Hall, 11.12.03

Trippy Daisy, TimDeLaughter's last band, always seemed to be hinting at a level of pop majesty to which it could never quite ascend.

Death Cab for Cutie revitalizes its indie-rock reputation

Two years removed from its last album, it's clear Death Cab for Cutie was poised for a return to the indie music scene Tuesday at The Granada.

Motorcycle Club revs up Bottleneck

On the first single from its self-titled debut album, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club asked "Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll?"

The Sea and Cake find time for nearly perfect show

Considering the number of projects each member of The Sea and Cake is involved in, it's remarkable that the four musicians can synchronize their schedules for a tour, which made a stop Friday at a packed Bottleneck.

Cat Power purrs at Bottleneck show

Known for her emotionally fragile shows almost as much as for her music, Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) lived up to both halves of her persona Tuesday night at The Bottleneck.

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