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Home Style: The buzz about beeswax candles

Although electricity has made light easily accessible year-round, the soft glow of candlelight is something that many continue to seek during the short days of winter.

Home Style: Fiesta dinnerware and the history of these happy plates

There are many reasons that Fiesta ware is the best-selling dinnerware in American history, but one of them is that the brightly colored ceramic dinnerware offers something to just about everyone.

Home Style: Be my guest

Opening your home to visiting family and friends is a hospitable gesture that saves your guests the expense of staying at a hotel. But ensuring the space you provide guests is welcoming, comfortable and convenient takes forethought and little bit of effort.

Home Style: Getting your decor in touch with nature

Here’s a simple home-decorating plan: Spend a lot of time outdoors, connect with your surrounding by noticing and collecting natural pieces along the way, arrange those items around your home in a way that feels good.

Home Style: 5 ways to accessorizie an outdoor space

To more fully enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, homeowners can expand the comforts of their homes into yards, patios and porches.

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