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May Final Friday Preview: Spotlighting art through the ages

There’s yesterday and today on display at this month’s Final Fridays.

April Final Friday Preview: Kansas beauty captured in photos

It’s finally spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, and a time to reacquaint ourselves with the natural world, which for many of us, means mowing, weeding and gardening.

March Final Friday Preview: The art of questioning

The artists at this month’s Final Fridays are full of questions, questions about self, questions about space and place, and questions about the power of symbols.

February Final Friday Preview: Sublime, heroic and timely works on display

The art at this month’s Final Fridays is nothing less than sublime, for that was the inspiration for the art on display at Phoenix Gallery Underground, 825 Massachusetts St.

January Final Friday Preview: New year, new venues

The new year brings a number of new venues for Final Friday art lovers.

December Final Friday Preview: Drink up this month's events

While some of the traditional Final Friday venues will be closed this week, such as the Lawrence Arts Center and the Lawrence Art Party, there are still plenty of opportunities to see excellent works by some of our city’s most talented individuals — and you might have to have a drink or two in the process.

November Final Friday Preview: Bizarre Bazaar full of great gift ideas

As in previous years, this month’s Final Friday offers plenty of opportunities for holiday shopping — outside the box store.

October Final Friday preview: ‘Undressing Room’ pushes creativity to edge

This Friday offers several opportunities for viewers to engage in and be a part of the creative process.

September Final Friday preview: N.Y. artist to visit Liberty Hall for film showing, discussion

This month’s Final Friday events get an early start tonight with a joint venture from The Invisible Hand Gallery and Liberty Hall. They will co-host a program featuring the films of Mike Anderson at 7 p.m. at Liberty Hall, 644 Massachusetts St.

August Final Fridays preview: Plethora of exhibits, openings and guests mark 3rd anniversary

This Friday marks the third anniversary of Final Fridays, and there’s a lot going on to mark the occasion, including several new venues and a couple of special guests.

July Final Fridays Preview: Artwork by Kansas talents on display everywhere you look

There is no dearth of talent in Kansas as witnessed by this month’s Final Fridays, where dozens and dozens of native Kansans will show off their skill and artistry in music, cooking and the visual arts.

June Final Fridays preview

Art Party moves into new home

Big news for Final Friday fans: One of most popular venues, the Lawrence Art Party, which had been at Hobbs Taylor Lofts since Final Fridays’ beginnings, has moved to its new space at 512 E. Ninth St.

May Final Fridays Preview

This month’s Final Fridays not only offers wonderful art but also gives participants an opportunity to catch up on what people and companies are up to.

New exhibit strings together artwork of more than 70 artists

Ask a physicist about string theory and you get talk of particle theory, dark matter and quantum physics. Ask an artist about string theory and you will get something like what is currently on display in the front gallery of the Lawrence Arts Center.

April Final Fridays Preview: Invisible Hand gallery features renowned photographer

This month’s Final Friday reminds us of the talented folk drawn to, and cultivated from, the Lawrence community.

Lawrence couple create home for poetry in tree at their home

There are poetry posts, poetry poles and even poetry boxes, but Lawrence may be the only place in America that has a “Poet Tree” — a maple tree in the front yard of Joe and Vicki Douglas’ home at 2804 Oxford Road. By Margie Carr

A community in stitches

Artists need vision — and local artist, quilter, historian and teacher Marla Jackson has big ones.

March Final Fridays Preview: Arts madness

The art in this month’s Lawrence Final Fridays covers the gamut, from a photographer who documents stalwart items from the history of the heartland to a forward-looking artist known for ephemeral set designs in Hollywood. By Margie Carr

February Final Friday Preview: Percolator exhibit features small versions of world’s largest things

If you like art to tell you about where we’ve been as a society or where we are going, you won’t want to miss this month’s Final Friday. By Margie Carr

Life lessons

Artist teaches incarcerated youths to help them get positive attention

Every Friday for the past 15 years, artist Laura Ramberg has been teaching art to people convicted of some very serious crimes: Battery. Breaking and entering. Drug use. And none of her students are older than 17. By Margie Carr

January Final Fridays Preview: Percolator exhibit feels the love

“When you put creative people together, amazing stuff happens,” Eric Kirkendall says.

December Final Fridays preview: Time to reflect on the arts in Lawrence

The final Final Fridays event of 2012 offers one more opportunity to reflect on the thriving arts community in Lawrence.

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November Final Fridays preview: Gifts aplenty

Forget door-buster sales at the big box stores, writes Margie Carr. This month's Final Fridays will provide plenty of gift ideas from an array of talented and acclaimed artists.

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October Final Fridays preview: Out-of-town talent shines, plus art made by dogs!

Few would argue that Final Fridays is the opportunity to celebrate the local arts scene, but how often do we stop and consider the talented individuals who make a special trip to Lawrence for the monthly event? This Friday we have the opportunity to meet several artists from around the country, and who knows? Maybe if we meet them we’ll gain a new appreciation for the world around us. By Margie Carr

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September Final Fridays preview: An old muffler shop turns to a new space for artists

If you’re going to have a thriving arts community, you need more than talented people and spacious galleries, you need studio space.

Musical murder mystery: Local author draws on real-life chorus for inspiration

The Dead Sing No More. It’s the perfect beginning to the recently published “Murder a Cappella” (Wayside Press, 2012), co-written by local author Diane Bailey.

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August Final Fridays preview: artists celebrate anniversary

Final Fridays turns 2 with a wide array of can't-miss exhibits.

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Former KBI director chronicles cases from Clutter murders to BTK

Lawrence resident Larry Welch has wanted to write a book about the KBI for a long time — long before he was appointed director of it in 1994.

Lawrence Locales: Museum director keeps area artifacts high and dry

Martha Parker has salvaged and saved a museum's worth of important local artifacts.

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July Final Fridays preview: Rise of the Warehouse Arts District

This month's Final Fridays is highlighted by new developments and galleries in east Lawrence.

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June Final Fridays preview: the Invisible Hand moves on and Liza MacKinnon's 'Dress a Day' project

If you have doubts about the vibrancy of Lawrence's arts community, look no further than two individuals who are a force behind this month's Final Fridays.

Book helps family heal after tragedy

Big Springs mother finds peace in writing, speaking about daughter’s murder

You know from the outset that this isn’t a happy tale: A 19-year-old woman is murdered in the California countryside. But, from Carol Noe’s perspective, the story of her daughter’s life isn’t a tragedy.

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May Final Fridays Preview: The beautiful and the absurd

When it comes to Final Fridays, we have come to expect variety in the pieces, in the artists and in the messages they convey.

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Lawrence Locales: Haskell Cultural Center

The museum at 143 Barker Ave. on the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University opened 10 years ago as part of a national effort by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium to create repositories for Native American art and culture. Among its missions is tracing the history of Haskell itself, from its origins in 1884 as the U.S. Indian Industrial Training School to its place today as a four-year, degree-granting university.

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April Final Fridays preview: Students at the Art Party, extrovert artwork at Wonder Fair, a look at Brazil's slums and more

Artwork from Lawrence’s budding artists will be in full bloom Friday night at this month’s Final Fridays.

Rediscovering Dickens: Book by Kansan explores author’s reformist mission

Author Andrea Warren did not go about her latest book, “Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London” (Houghton Mifflin, 2011) like her six earlier works.

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Anatomy of a relationship, dissected

KU grad shares details of couple's therapy in 'George & Hilly' memoir

Combine a “neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, infantile-arrested, stuporous melancholi(c)” (George Gurley) with a “competent overachiever” (Hilary Heard), who also happens to have a “randy, nubile party girl” streak, and what do you get? Counseling.

Funny man: Pickles creator keeps comic strip fresh after 22 years

One of the fastest growing comic strips in syndication is Brian Crane’s Pickles now in over 800 newspapers, including the Lawrence Journal-World. The strip depicts Earl and Opal Pickles and follows them as they navigate their twilight years with humor and grace.

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Lawrence locales: The haunts of Langston Hughes

Lawrence gets to claim one of the most important writers of the 20th century, and we could argue that it is here he first discovered his voice.

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Lawrence author distills advice into 'Marriage Rules'

Clinical psychologist, best-selling author and relationship expert Harriet Lerner, of Lawrence, has just released her 11th book, “Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and Coupled Up” (Gotham Books, 2012). And just as its title suggests, the compact book teaches readers how to stay connected to their partners. How to navigate this most intimate and complicated of relationships, giving the best of ourselves without sacrificing our core values, beliefs and priorities.

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From Stravinsky to Radiohead, musicians Christopher O'Riley and Matt Haimovitz pay homage to different genres

Pianist Christopher O’Riley has a simple philosophy when it comes to music. From Stravinsky to Arcade Fire, "there's good music and the other kind."

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Lovely locations: Lawrence offers date destinations for any kind of couple

So where is a couple to go for this special day? The answer to that, of course, depends on your significant other’s likes and interests. And fortunately for Palasz, Lawrence has a wide array of options.

Dreams come true: Local author Mary O'Connell's debut novel, "The Sharp Time," was a late-night labor of love

Lawrence author Mary O'Connell's debut novel, "The Sharp Time," has won rave reviews. "It is sort of a dream come true," she says.

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Lied Center's performance of "South Pacific" shows America's evolving stance on race

If you are planning to attend Wednesday night’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, 7:30 PM at the Lied Center, you might want to get to the theater early enough to participate in a discussion of the show by Kansas University professor of musicology and Broadway historian Paul Laird. Laird will lead a pre-performance discussion of the significance of Rodgers and Hammerstein, and a history of the creation of South Pacific.

Lawrence Locale: Spencer Research Library full of hidden treasures on KU's campus

It’s one of the easier places to miss on Kansas University’s campus, so hidden that it completely eluded me for the four years I spent earning a bachelor’s degree at KU. It is the Kenneth Spencer Research Library, and it is located squarely behind Strong Hall at 1450 Poplar Lane — “probably the shortest street on campus,” says Spencer’s head librarian, Beth Whittaker.

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Test drive an e-reader in time for the holidays

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the book lover on your list, it might be a good time to get on the e-reader bandwagon.

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Lawrence Chamber Orchestra prepares to open 40th season on fateful day

On Veteran's Day the chamber orchestra will open its 40th season with a musical snapshot of the time before, after and during World War I.

Profile: Denise Low

A prolific Lawrence writer prepares for an exciting and busy fall.

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Vintage Players reach audiences young and old

It’s hard to know who has more fun — the audience members who attend a performance by the Vintage Players, or the performers themselves. “We have a lot of laughs at our meetings,” says troupe member Agnes Engelmann. “We read things at our meetings we could never perform, but we get a kick out of reading them. We do improv. We play charades. It’s just a lot of fun.”

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Back to (home) school

For most, the phrase “back to school” conjures up images of backpacks, bright yellow buses and new boxes of crayons, but that isn’t the case for all kids.