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Review: New Super Mario Bros. - DS

Best platformer ever?

You will buy New Super Mario Bros. Not only does it pay homage to its roots, but finds a way to pioneer new angles and revives side-scrolling bliss across the video game universe. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore gamer or a gamer that current generations forgot, New SMB is for you.

Review: FIFA World Cup 2006 (PS2, Cube, Xbox, X360)

I think the most bothersome element of 2006WC is that it's a full retail title that basically finishes what Road to the World Cup started. But EA has to milk as much moolah out of a license and that's why we have 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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Nintendo officially gives us "Wii"

The code-name of Revolution is no more. We now have "Wii."

According to Nintendo, "While the code-name "Revolution" expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer. Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else." The net is already ablaze with passionate reactions both good and bad. What do you think?

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Review: Odama - Gamecube

A strategy-pinball game?

Odama proves that a pinball/strategy hybrid has merit. Who would've thought? But it doesn't take the extra step to polish all of the elements to make this potential beacon of innovation shine.

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Review: Metroid Prime: Hunters - DS

Does the expansive and deep Prime universe make the grade on the DS?

Prime joins Mario Kart DS as one of those no-brainer titles any DS owner must purchase. The single player mode is good enough to warrant the asking price, but the robust online multiplayer seals the deal, finally taking the series to the obvious next level.

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Review: Black - PS2, Xbox

The creators of Burnout try their hand at the shooter genre

Black is like a roller coaster where all the cool hills and loop-de-loops are prematurely placed at the beginning of the ride. After you've experienced it for a while, you'll start checking your watch

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Review: Full Auto - 360

Can I unwreck my un-fun?

In every respect, Full Auto fails to be more compelling than the franchises it borrows from. The unwreck feature is a great idea built on less-than-pleasing grounds. You won't get any more than an hour or two of entertainment out of the title before you're back to your racer of choice.

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Review: Super Princess Peach - DS

Sorry, but our plumber is in another castle.

The lack of difficulty and overly-cutesy presentation may be an effort to attract a younger female element, but it leaves you with a feeling that the game really could've been stellar if it provided more of a challenge. Still, this is a quality Nintendo title and most developers would kill to produce a product of this caliber.

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Review: Chibi-Robo - Gamecube

Another Nintendo winner from the theatre of the bizarre

After playing "mature" action game after action game, it can be admittedly hard to sit down and give Chibi-Robo a genuine chance. But if you do, you'll find a refreshing, if sugary sweet, environmental puzzle adventure that may not blow you away, but will provide solid double-digit hours of entertainment for any age.

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Review: 25 to Life - PS2, Xbox

A truly memorable experience - this is the crappiest game you'll ever play. EVAR.

At the onset 25 to Life appears silly, then quickly gets frustrating and finally ends up as a pure embarrassment. It's most certainly a half-assed attempt to swindle $50 out of the urban gaming crowd. Do yourself a favor from reading this and learn that the real crime isn't in the game, it's merely the fact that it sits on store shelves with a price tag.

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