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The Classic Sartorialist: Style down to a T

It is the simplest piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe: the classic T-shirt. If worn well, it can exude ease and relaxation as well as a keen sense of fashion.

The Classic Sartorialist: Beachside essentials

The brutal sauna of summer awaits us just around the corner. Luckily, Lawrence has a variety of places to keep you cool when temperatures and humidity rise.

The Classic Sartorialist: Summer essentials

With temperatures steadily rising, it’s time to think about getting your summer attire in order. Every man’s closet should include a few essentials like T-shirts, shorts, sandals and sunglasses to get him through mercury-rising months.

The Classic Sartorialist: Spring into a new pair of kicks

With spring approaching and the weather warming, it’s finally (hallelujah) time to trade in your boots for some springier footwear. And while boat shoes have been the go-to shoe for most men in recent years, this spring solidly belongs to the classic plimsoll.

The Classic Sartorialist: Stylish is the watchword

In the realm of fashion accessories, men have limited options. Unfortunately, the one viable option for men, the wristwatch, has met a formidable adversary: the cellphone. A wristwatch can be more than a timepiece, though. Let it be a statement about who you are.

The Classic Sartorialist: Suiting up for date night

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk date night. Putting a little effort into your dress can mean a lot to your date, whether you’re on a first date or trying to kindle a bit of romance in a long-term relationship.

The Classic Sartorialist: Fitness fashion

Health-related goals top the list of New Year’s resolutions every year. Unfortunately, goals like eating healthier and getting fit usually get pushed aside by the time Valentine’s Day candy hits the shelves. And while plenty of websites and apps help you set and track fitness goals, few offer guidance on what to wear.

The perfect winter outfit

CheckOut asked resident fashion experts Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy and Nicholas Cunigan for their definition of the “perfect” winter outfit.

The Classic Sartorialist: Bundle up in style

Staying warm in the blustery cold of winter can all too easily translate into oversized parkas, ski gloves and orange-knit hunting hats. All of these have their place in winter hobbies, but they don’t belong on Massachusetts Street. When strolling across town, consider a few of these stylish updates for your winter wardrobe.

The Classic Sartorialist: Fashion for airports

Airports don’t have the best reputation for fashion. As security has increased and air travel has become more of a chore than an adventure, people’s attire has taken a drastic decline.

Classic Sartorialist: Tweed and true

Nothing beckons the changing and falling of leaves quite like a tweed jacket. The heft, durability and colors of tweed are unparalleled. It’s a staple in every man’s closet.

The Classic Sartorialist: Football weather fashion

Before reaching into your closets and drawers for that sacred gameday shirt, consider classing up your tailgating attire.