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Federal judge OKs Kansas same-sex marriage; stays order pending appeal

A federal judge in Kansas City, Kan., issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday barring state officials from refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Best Margarita - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Entertainment & Nightlife

Whatever the secret is to a great marguerita, El Mezcal seems to have found it. And manager Francisco Mendez isn’t saying what it is.

Best Restaurant - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Food & Dining

In 1989, the Free State Brewing Company became the first legal brewery in Kansas since Prohibition, and it’s been a fixture in downtown Lawrence ever since.

Best Bookstore - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Shopping

Since 1996, customers have been bringing in books they want to sell or trade, and buying the books that others have enjoyed once and passed along. The result is a bookstore in the heart of downtown Lawrence that typically has upwards of 60,000 titles on the shelf, spanning nearly every genre.

Best Wine List - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Entertainment & Nightlife

For Ken Baker, wine isn’t just something you drink with dinner. It’s a whole food group unto itself.

Best Teacher - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Community

Laura Porter has been teaching at Bishop Seabury since 2005. Before that, she taught at the Lawrence Alternative School for two years and at South Junior High for 16 years before that.

Best Fine Dining - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Food & Dining

The restaurant known simply as 715 has been called a “European bistro in downtown Lawrence,” with a menu that is like “peasant food fit for a king.”