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Dance, dance revolution: KU Dance Marathon unites students, community to benefit Children’s Miracle Network

When staging a dance marathon, one would be wise to do some research. A 1974 dance marathon at the University of Virginia for the benefit of Multiple Sclerosis resulted in a misdemeanor charge and a $363 bill for a stolen lamp. Organizers later discovered that the Code of Virginia banned events of physical endurance such as marathon dances, citing safety concerns. Kansas University’s Dance Marathon — scheduled to take place April 10 at the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center — will take heed of such historical guffaws and treat participants to a non-illegal, non-rigorous slate of activities to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

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You guys are really good at what you do! An etiquette guide for local bands in awkward situations

We asked more than a dozen local bands questions pertaining to band etiquette. The responses we received proved to be both insightful and hilarious...

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Lost in the Cosmos: Lawrence rock-fusion act finesses the art of 'Mental Hygiene'

Lawrence drummer Luke Stone made it a custom to pick up two Britney Spears stickers from a vending machine every week. He put them on his practice pad at home, inspiring him to practice his rudiments...

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Peace pipeline: KU’s Peace Corps week offers prospective volunteers a glimpse of adventure

The village of Mörön is approximately 6,250 miles from Lawrence in northern Mongolia. Its 40,000 inhabitants are served by an airport with two runways, one of which is paved with gravel.

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Worth the wait: Five years after being signed to a big-time deal, Lawrence native Sarah Buxton releases a real country record

Sarah Buxton is squealing. It's the sort of high-pitched, tea-kettle squeal that girls make in diamond-ring commercials when they realize their best friend's hubby "went to Jared" ...

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Sing sing sing: Kirsten Paludan juggles solo project with supporting role in Olympic Size and wedding singer 'day job'

Paludan has her finger on the pulse of modern pop music, but not because she's browsing the end racks at Wal-Mart...

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Playing with purpose: Lawrence parents pursue unique therapy for their children

Six-year-old Max blows up balloons, draws pictures, topples blocks and makes molds with Play-Doh. Occasionally Max reveals his deepest, darkest feelings. Max is in therapy, but he hardly knows it..

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The fairer sex: Female fantasy-sports junkies stake their claim in a male-dominated game

After nine years of playing fantasy football, Gina Byrd has developed allegiances to her favorite players. Her league mates — all men — often tease her for being so predictable...

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Fair play: Competition de-emphasized at annual science event

Dave Nordlund has overseen the Douglas County Science Fair for three decades. To wit, he has some insider information that may come as a shock.

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Ozark stomp: Ben Miller might just be the best juke joint vagabond in the Midwest

Ben Miller went down to the crossroads, but he didn't sell his soul.

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