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Review: Lucinda Williams

The alt-country maven didn't let illness slow her down.

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Populist music: Americana singer Lucinda Williams writes for all

Lucinda Williams the songwriter is not overtly political. But, on a tour bus parked in Allentown, Pa., a couple weeks before she will make a stop at Liberty Hall, 644 Mass., Lucinda Williams the woman talks politics.

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All that Snuff

Something about jazz-it never feels quite at home in the wrong environment. Like a hearing some Coleman Hawkins performed in his hometown performing arts center-posh-with a bunch of wannabe rich, white-haired white people filling out the seats (all reclining, all with armrests). So what?

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Dan Luckey


Has been in Chicago the past eight months but is visiting Lawrence, where she lived from fourth grade onward.

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Anthony Brothers

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