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KU reporter

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I cover the state Legislature, government and politics.
I have been a reporter in Kansas since 1998, and prior to that covered news in Texas for various papers and later for The Associated Press.
For two of the past three years, I have been awarded first place in beat reporting from Capitolbeat, an association of Statehouse reporters and editors. I live in Topeka with my wife and two teenage sons.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I try to provide instant updates on news and what's going on in the Statehouse.

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Best Credit Union - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Community

Last year, KU Credit Union changed its name to Truity Credit Union. The name change has paid off.

Best Home Handyman - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Services

Patrick Shea, owner of Shea Handyman Services, does little advertising but gets as much work as he can handle. “I get a lot of repeat customers and word-of-mouth customers,” said Shea.

Best Grocery Store - Best of Lawrence: 2014 - Food & Dining

Fresh food, wide variety, digital coupons, low prices and how about those fuel points?

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Battle over state arts funding continues

The fight over state funding of the arts continued Wednesday.

Arts supporters protest Brownback's elimination of Arts Commission

The state faces an estimated $492 million revenue shortfall, and Brownback says he wants to "protect the core functions of government."

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K2 proponents urge lawmakers to think twice before banning marijuana-like substance

Senate poised to consider bill among first acts of the session

Users and sellers of K2 pushed back Tuesday on attempts to ban the chemicals in the herbal mixture that some say produces a marijuana-like high.

'Dodos' circling around I.D.

Film explores intelligent design-evolution 'circus'

Kansas and an extinct bird share top billing in a new documentary film called "Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus."

'Daily Show' to focus on evolution this week

In the art imitates life, science and Kansas politics department, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will air a four-day report on the controversy over evolution.

Unusual labors of love

Holiday honoring working people finds a few with unique passions

Richard Renner would prefer not to eat fire, but "I'll do it if I have to," he says.

Buffalo bridge: worthwhile art or waste of money?

Merits of Lawrence artist's plan debated

A Lawrence artist trying to gussy up the aesthetically challenged ribbon of Interstate 70 that slices like a canyon through the middle of this city is taking some whacks from the locals.

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